Altered Spring Flowers Handbag by Jeanne
Chalkboard tag with Gelatos® drips and drops!

More Playtime with Chalkboard Paint!


 Hi there Faber-Castell Peeps!!  I hope you are enjoying a glorious spring!! I know that here in Atlanta we are in full swing of trees, flowers and everything blooming!


Last month, I was fortunate enough to get to go to Donna Downey's studio for a weekend class with the amazing Junelle Jacobsen.  She is an amazing and inspirational artist and teacher.  I was so inspired by her, I wanted to make a spring journal of flowers and trees. And then I realized  I am  newly obsessed with chalkboard paint and decided to combine the two - my spring journal and chalkboard paint.  I took out my PITT® Pastel Pencils and drew this lovely blue flower on the Faber-Castell mixed media journal boards.  Loved it!! (And I made a video for you to watch and try to make the chalkboard art on your own.)  

After I made the video, I took out a plain canvas and covered it in gesso and chalkboard paint and used the same pencils on it as well!! Loved it too!! SO get out your chalkboard paint and your PITT® Pastel Pencils and PLAY!!  You will be so happy you did!!












And here is my video! Be kind, this is only my second video ever -- and yikes, it sure is strange to hear my own voice when I play it back!!  Thank you so much for stopping by - Karen




Supplies Used:

  • Chalkboard Paint

  • PITT® Pastel Pencil(s)


Other Supplies:

  • Workable Fixative


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Amazing and so pretty. looking forward to seeing your entire book.

TracyM #6773

GREAT tutorial too - you have no reason to be nervous, I think you're going an awesome job!!! I hate hearing my own voice too ... maybe that's why I don't add many commentaries when taking short videos with my camera :)

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