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Gelato Flowers Canvas Tote Bag

Hello! Katie here from Punk Projects!
It's officially February which means you're going to be seeing Valentines projects pretty much everywhere. I *was* going to create a pretty Valentine inspired project for this post, but I made this tote bag and I just had to share it instead.  I love how it reminds me of Spring!

How to:
1. Using a pencil, lightly sketch out your flowers onto a canvas tote bag. I just sketched general flower shapes, because I planned to add more detail as the last step.

2. Use gelatos to color in your sketches. You don't have to color perfectly in the lines. After putting some color on, I used one of the nice sponges that came in the Gelatos kit to smear it in a bit, This really helped spread out the color nicely and get it in the weaves of the tote bag.


3. After the gelatos have dried, Outline them with different sized PITT Artist Pens to add detail. For the flowers where I just colored "blobs" with gelatos, I doodled petals, scallops, etc. Just have fun, make those flowers come to life! I love doodling, so this was my favorite part.


What I love most about the gelatos is just how vibrant they really are! I didn't prep this tote with anything, I just applied the gelatos straight onto the canvas bag.

While I had planned to keep this pretty tote for myself to use as a book bag, my Sister saw it and decided she had to have it. I might have to make more of these, because they make great gifts!


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Dana Tatar

Beautiful bag Katie!


This is really cute! I would love to know if it can be washed though.


This is you need to seal it?


Does this need to be heat set? It's lovely. I got gelatos for Christmas and would love to try this.

barbara S

hi... i am just repeating what the other comments asked ... yes or no we seal it? . and if so what do we use .... after we make the tote ... and use it .... it will get dirty and or smeared or something .... how can we make sure this beautiful tote will last ... i want to make one for everyone i know :) ... thank you :)

stamping sue

I would also like to know if the gelatos will be permenant and not come out in the wash???? if they are I will also be making fabric items with the gelatos in my stamping projects.
stamping sue


My sister was in town right after I finished it, and she decided she just had to have it. So she took it before I got a chance to try washing it. I do know that Gelatos are supposed to be permanent after they have dried. On all of the projects I’ve used gelatos on, they do stay vibrant, which is what I love about them.

What I usually do on painted tote bags (not necessarily gelatos) after I’m finished with them, is to give them a coat of ScotchGuard which is a waterproofing spray. You can get it in either the shoe department or the outdoors/camping gear at most stores, like Walmart.

Chantal Vandenberg

Goodness me! This is awesome!!!!!!


I'm not that artistic so haven't ever had a go at painting a tote before but you make it look very simple with your design! I might just have to have a go now. Thanks for the great post, Sasha :)


Where did you get your canvas tote?

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