Fall Art Journaling with Iridescent Gelatos
Happy Halloween Card

Pumpkin Patch

Diana Trout here today painting pumpkins. I love the Autumn palette, it's a final burst of juicy color before the black and white of winter. 

Pumpkins Finished #1

For today's project I used

Watercolor Paper
Iced Current
Odyssey (Irridescent)
Iced Rose
Nebula (Irridescent)
Galaxy (Irridescent)
Squid Ink
Watercups (x 2)

I used a few Pitt pens in oranges, greens and grays.

I gessoed my paper (you could use any heavy paper or canvas for this project). When the gesso was dry, I loosely drew three pumpkins. 

Pumpkins Finished #1

I started by collapsing my water cup and adding a puddle of water to the center. I chose my palette of Gelatos and stuck them into the puddle (uncapped) to let them "juice up." I love this palette! I picked oranges, plums, golds and reds. I love using grays as well. I started by filling in the geneeral colors for the pumpkins. 

Pumpkins Finished #1

I filled in large areas by drawing  a line of juicy Gelatos around the edges of the objects and then going in with a wet brush. The Gelatos slide easily over the gessoed surface. I used Mango and Iced Current for the pumpkins. Around the pumpkins I used the purples and blue/green. I loaded my brush with lots of water and held the paper up to let the color drip to create patterns and interest in the background.

Pumpkins Finished #1

I deepened some of the color where shadows might occur. This is called an underpainting. You shouldn't have thick Gelatos on your paper now, everything should be washed out. Let it dry before proceeding. 

Pumpkins Finished #1

To finish the painting, use Pitt pens. I used greens, oranges and grays to deepen the color and add details to the pumpkins and addd some shadow work. I left the background pretty much as is. 

Pumpkins Finished #1

The pens layer very well over the Gelatos as long as the Gelatos  are soaked into the paper or gessoed surface

Pumpkins Finished #1

Here is a close up. I like to keep things a little loose and add some line work. I hope you enjoyed this project! 

Pumpkins Finished #1

Thanks for stopping by to spend some time with us. You can find me at my blog


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Nanci Ring

Your paintings just make me happy!🎨🌈❤️

Sharon Field

Yes, Diana.......I thoroughly enjoyed this project and all the wonderful details that you gave on how you created it. The colors are wonderful....job well done! :)

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