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Watercolor Gelatos: A Feathered Forest

Diana Trout here today with a technique using Gelatos to create a watercolor effect. Check out the video for a close up on how I prep my Gelatos for watercolor.


Here are the materials I used for this project. 



Metallic Blue 
Iced Chai
Iced Coffee
I used the silicone tray from the Honey Medium kit. You can use a piece of palette paper or craft mat.
1/4" flat brush
1/2" flat brush
Watercolor paper: 140#
Pitt Pen, Black S

Here I'm preparing my Gelatos by spraying the silicone tray (or palette paper) with water and then rubbing the Gelatos in a circular motion to create a puddle of water. You can make the color as thick or thin as you like. Remember that the way to create pale washes with watercolor, you use more water. Gelatos are the same.


I decided to make a forest of feathers for this painting. I decided to draw a loose line around the area I was painting. I used a black Pitt Pen for that. I used a pencil to lightly draw in my feathers (Google Feathers :). When I was happy with the drawing, I went over the lines very lightly with the Pitt Pen, then erased the pencil lines. 


I wanted a glow around the feathers so I outlined them with the Limoncello Gelatos and then used a wet flat brush to wash the yellow Gelatos out. 


In the next picture, you see me dotting wet Comet Gelatos into the wet Limoncello Gelatos. The wet colors with mingle together. 

I let the background dry a bit (you can hurry it along with a heat gun). Next I added some more green Gelatos and mixed it with Metallic Blueberry. I kept layering the color, letting it dry, then layered another darker color on top. 


To add pattern, I used the Gelatos from my palette. In the feather on the far left, I didn't put any background color in. Then I added some fun stripes. 

It's fun to come up with simple patterns for your feathers. Again, Google feathers and plenty of examples will come up.


This is a fun way to work with Gelatos as you can use the washes in the palette and the Gelatos. You can pick up more color from the wet Gelatos too. I leave the caps off my Gelatos until they are dry. Enjoy! 

Here is a short video illustrating how I created my watercolor Gelatos palette.

Diana Trout: My Blog


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Nanci Ring

Gorgeous and inspiring, as always!❤️

Denise Spillane

Looks great Diana. Love that you gave the tips and the palette demo. Now I can try.

Sharon Field

Lovely project! Thanks for giving all the tips and tricks.

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