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2017-07-10 18.42.47L

Hi, Belen Sotelo here, with my very first blog post as a member of the Design Memory Craft design team. Today I'd like to welcome you into my studio for some play time. I'm going to share a fun and easy art journal page that's great for artists of any level.


2017-07-10 17.26.36

For this journal page I used Gelatos: BRIGHTSGesso, a Deluxe Waterbrush, Essential Pitt Artists Pens, Pitt Big Brush pens in Dark Chrome Yellow and White, Pitt Artist Writing Pens in Blue/Green, and a palette knife from the Gelatos Tool Set and of course an art journal.


2017-07-10 17.29.14

I started by giving my page a quick coat of gesso. This is a step that I don't spend much time on. I'm not looking for a smooth, even coat of gesso, or even to have my entire page covered. I like the variation that you get from color floating on top of the gesso in some areas, and soaking into the paper in others. Sometimes I even use my palette knife and lift the wet gesso off the page, creating more yummy texture with the tiny peaks and valleys that this leaves behind as it dries.


2017-07-10 17.32.27

I cut wonky flower shapes out of some left over cardstock that I had laying around the studio, to use as masks. You can cut any shape you'd like. After placing my masks down on my page, I used my gelatos to scribble randomly around them.


2017-07-10 17.35.40

While I held the flower masks in place with one hand, I use my fingers on the other hand to blend the gelatos around my page.


2017-07-10 17.40.26

When I lifted off the flower masks, I had a rough outline of their wonky shapes left behind. I used a bright pink to define their shape a bit more.


2017-07-10 17.45.38

To create additional texture and movement on my page, I used a baby wipe and a scrap piece of sequin waste that I had in my craft stash. By placing the sequin scrap in random spots along my page and wiping away the gelatos through the holes, it left some fun texture behind. If you don't have any sequin scrap, you can achieve a similar effect by using a piece of acetate, or craft supply packaging and punching holes in it with your hole punch.


2017-07-10 17.49.52

I added just a bit of blue around some areas of the flower outline, for more definition.


2017-07-10 17.56.10

I used a Pitt Artist Writing Pen to make some random marks in the voids, where I wiped away the gesso.


2017-07-10 18.05.27

Using a medium tip Pitt Artist Pen, I doodled some flowers into the blank outlines.


2017-07-10 18.08.42

Then, using a brush tip Pitt Artist Pen, I doodled in the centers of each flower and made some "x" shaped marks on my page.


2017-07-10 18.14.23

I rubbed my Dark Chrome Yellow Big Brush Pen on my craft mat and used my water brush to paint in the flower petals.


2017-07-10 18.33.10

I then did the same, using a blue Gelatos.


2017-07-10 18.38.14

I wanted to grunge up my page a bit, before calling it finished,  so I used a Pitt Artist Pen to make scribbles and scratch marks.


2017-07-10 18.42.47closeL

I hope you enjoyed hanging out in my studio today. If this post has inspired you to grab your Gelatos & Pitt Pens and make some marks of your own, I hope you'll tag me on Instagram or Twitter @ArtandWhimsy or on Facebook












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Barbara Hauenstein

So happy about your new partnership with Faber Castell! They are so very lucky to have you and I adore this page! I love this step by step more than videos cuz it's easy to follow! I must have these brights - they're gorgeous! Thank you so much dear Belen! 😍


Totally awesome journal page!! I never thought of using a mask on my journal page! Thank you for that idea!

Deb @ inner compass designs

Fabulous first post and I agree with Barbara that I love step by steps even more than video as it is easy to watch the evolution and what was done.

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