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Making Mini-Books with Color Fizz™

Mini Notebooks Beauty 1
Hello Lovelies! It's Laura Bray and today I want to show you a project to use all the background papers you've been creating using Color Fizz™.  Wait! You don't have any backgrounds papers using Color Fizz™? That's terrible! You should probably start out by watching this video I made in my studio of me playing with this versatile, new product.

Okay, after watching that video and creating a nice stack of watercolor papers using Color Fizz™, you need to use it. Don't let such beautiful papers just lay around in your stash! Make mini-books with them.

  1. Use a Mixed Media Stencil and the Gelatos® Color of the Week, Blue Moon, to create a design OVER the dried Color Fizz™ design.  Mini Notebooks Step 1
  2. Cut the designed watercolor paper to 2.5" x 4".
  3. Cut copy paper (or other paper of your choice) to 2.25" x 3.75". Create about 10 strips.
  4. Fold the watercolor paper and then reopen it. Fold the copy paper and reopen it.
  5. Lay the copy paper over the watercolor paper, making sure the folds match-up. Mini Notebooks Step 2
  6. Staple the copy paper onto the watercolor paper along the fold.
  7. Cover staple on the outside binding of the book with washi tape.

It's a fun little project. I like to use these mini books as small gifts. How would you use yours? Mini-Notebooks Beauty 2




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