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Printing with Vegetables

Printing with Bok Choy

It's so easy to create beautiful fabric prints with Gelatos® and vegetables from your kitchen. In fact, I created this beautiful rose patterned fabric using the end piece of bok choy. It was about to be thrown out when I glanced down and saw the design the vegetable had, so grabbed it. Of course, my husband thought I was nuts, but he should know better-he's married to an artist!

You can use any fruit or vegetable for this project. Bok choy or celery make beautiful floral prints. Half an apple will give you an apple. Cut a potato in half, carve a design into it and print away. When you combine these techniques with the wide range of colors that the Gelatos® line offers you, the possibilities are endless. You'll never buy printed fabric again!

I used my bok choy printed fabric to create charger pouches. I had a drawer filled with cords and chargers and it was always a pain to untangle and sort them out. These little bags keep everything organized and are so pretty, I can leave them out on a shelf in full view.

Charger Bags


  • Bok Choy or celery-just the end part.
  • Gelatos® in Red Cherry, Lemon, and Squid Ink
  • White, cotton fabric or plain fabric drawstring bags
  • Alphabet stamps


  1. Rub the Gelatos® onto your vegetable. Press onto the fabric in a random pattern. If you are making fabric, I suggest doing at least a fat quarter. You'll want some left over for other projects. If you aren't a sewer simply print directly onto plain, cotton drawstring bags.
  2. Label your bags using alphabet stamps. Use Squid Ink Gelatos® instead of a stamp pad.
  3. Once you are happy with your print design, heat set the design by placing a pressing cloth over the fabric or the bag, then use an iron to press. Set aside to cool.
  4. If you are sewing, use your favorite drawstring tutorial and sew up some cute bags.

Charger Bags 2

Charger Bags 3

Come and visit me on my blog for more fun sewing ideas for your vegetable printed fabrics!

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Awesome idea, and fab end result!


Great idea to use the gelatos on fabric. I have made my own cardstock before using celery ends and ink. It is so creative and pretty to do.

Janis in ID

Totally love this idea. I snagged a lettuce core and used it to make a floral background:
Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

IPG Marketing

Great Idea, potatoes work well.

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