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Texture Gems Decorated Poinsettia - with Lisa

Hi everyone! It's Lisa here on the blog to share a really special project with you. I have a 3-D Felt Poinsettia on Gessoboard accented with Texture Gems™ . This project DOES take a while to create, I won't lie to you, but it is soooo worth the effort.



When I decided to make this I was inspired by an stunning project by my friend, Amanda Coleman. She made this gorgeous crepe paper poinsettia. (Gorgeous, isn't it?) Since she included the pattern for the leaves as a freebie on her site. I asked her if I could use it for this post and she gave me the okay sooooo...Yay! To see her full project, PLEASE click on the image below.


Crepe Paper Poinsettia DIY tutorial(image and pattern courtesy of Amanda Coleman)

To start with I printed out the pattern on plain white paper and knowing what size poinsettia I wanted to create, I decided to only cut out the medium and small red "leaves" from the pattern. (My poinsettia will not be as true-to-life as Amanda's.)




I'm using a fairly heavyweight felt and I hand cut each leaf as directed. 9 small red leaves and 15 medium red leaves.

Once these were cut I added the veining. This was done using the Texture Gems™ in Gold. They were then set aside to dry.


While the leaves were drying I created the flower centers. To do this I put a few pearls into a plastic container and added Texture Luxe™ Gold with a small amount of water and mixed it up. Once they were sufficiently mixed they were put on a paper towel to dry.




To create the flower (first make sure the Texture Gems™ are dry!) add a small amount of glue (hot glue works best) at the pointed end of the leaf and pinch. Yes, you will burn your fingers. I'm sorry in advance. Do this for ALL the leaves. But start with the small ones.


Once the small leaves have the pointed ends glued, then they can be glued together. Do this by carefully adding a dab of hot glue to the tip and attaching it another leaf. After they're all glued together add another dollop of glue to the center and add the pearls which were colored with the Texture Luxe™.


This is the top layer. Create the bottom layer with the medium sized leaves  doing the exact same thing, except without the pearls. To adhere the two layers together use a scrap of felt between the layers and use hot glue. I attached a piece of cardboard to the BACK/UNDERSIDE of the piece  (again, using hot glue) for stability.

Now that the poinsettia is mostly done, it's time to work on the background. Instead of using a traditional canvas I used a pre-primed, textured, cradled hardboard.  I'm not sure where I bought this (sorry!), but since it was pre-primed that was one less step for me. Yay! 

I scribbled Gelatos® Double Scoop® in Butterscotch and in Gold Champagne on the surface and then used a wet paintbrush to blend it in all over the surface. I also used a dry rag to really buff the color in. I added more of the Gold Champagne Gelatos® Double Scoop® to the upper right hand corner.


Then I applied Gel Medium all over and added random bits of ripped and torn pieces of scraps of patterned paper. It's usually best to apply the Gel Medium both under and over the paper you are adhering. Let this dry.

Using a sponge and the Texture Luxe™ Gold, sponge the Texture Luxe™ over the background.  If it's too dark, or is covering too much of the paper, simply use a baby wipe to lift the color before it dries. (You must be quick to do this.) 


At this point you're almost done! Add a shimmery "frame" to the piece by using a ruler and Texture Gems™ in Pearl to go around the edges.  This creates a bit of contrast and draws the eye inward. I lightly smudged one of the corners where I'd be adding my die-cut sentiment. (The sentiment was die-cut and adhered using Gel Medium. I used a paint brush and painted it on the back of my die-cut pieces.)


Once the Texture Gems™ are all dry it's time to add the poinsettia and embellish! Simply add the hot glue to the cardboard piece and place the poinsettia where you want it. I thought I little bit of Glass Bead Glitter Gel on the leaves would look festive so I added that. Other items that I added: pearls, gems, twine, and cheesecloth (which I dyed using water and Gelatos® Iced Chai.)

This is such a beautiful three dimensional home decor piece and a great gift, as well. Don't tell my mother, but I'm giving it to her!! I hope she likes it.

Here are some close-ups for you:


This photo gives you an idea of the true dimension!


Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® Gelatos® Iced Chai
Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® Glass Bead Glitter Gel
Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® Texture Gems™ in Gold
Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® Texture Gems™ in Pearl
Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® Texture Luxe™ Gold
Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® Gel Medium
Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® Gelatos® Double Scoop® in Butterscotch and in Gold Champagne

Lisa Sig


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Margie Higuchi

Fabulous job on this project! Bet that it is amazing in person! Love this stuff (aka Texture Gems)!!

lisa, too!

Omg! So super beautiful!!!!! I'm making one! (And one of the life-like crepe paper ones, too!) absolutely love it all.

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