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Hello, it´s Denisa. Today I´d like to share with you my handmade magnets. They´re made of ordinary jar lids. I wanted to spruce up my kitchen a little bit because it´s quite small and the only place for some flat decorations is my fridge. So decorative magnets were the right thing.


First I applied white gesso on the inside of lids to cover the ugly reddish strip. I had to apply 3 coats. When dry I stamped it using words stamps and Stamper's Big Brush Pen in black. Next I glued on white beads here and there.

After that, I glued on a bit of magnetic foil on the back of the lid.


IMG_5838 (600x450)


IMG_5839 (600x450)


Then I used Gelatos® and Art GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils to get some colour. I sprayed the painted beads with water. I decided to leave it quite simple with just a touch of blue and purple. When dry I started to make a bead wire. Mine was very thin and easy to work with. I threaded some white, purple and clear beads on the wire and made a few knots. Then I formed a wreath and attached it inside the lid.

I needed the pic to stand out so I glued on a thick chipboard circle in the middle of the lid. I glued on the photo which had been cut out in the shape of a circle.


IMG_5841 (600x450)


Finally I did some finishing touches. I used my favourite Texture Gems™ 3ct Metallics, the pearl one and dropped a little of it on the wire and the lid. I also painted the edges with it. When it´s dry it looks like  real pearls. Besides a touch of sparkle is the right thing for any Xmas project, isn´t it?!

As the very last thing I glued on tiny stars here and there. And voila! On the pics you can see my kids. My oldest son with his girlfriend and my two daughters.


IMG_5866 (600x450)


IMG_5867 (600x450)


IMG_5868 (600x450)


Wishing you A Happy New Year  2016 full of inspiration and creative days!


Products list:

Texture Gems™ 3ct Metallics (#770700)

Art GRIP Aquarelles BLUE (#770113)

Gelatos®Color-Blue (#770159)

Stamper's Big Brush Pen BLACK (#770012)

Gesso (#770302)





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Love these!!!

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