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New Barnes & Noble Mixed Media Kit: LOVE Card

Mixed Media Art Supply Pouch

November 2015 Pouch copy

The new Mixed Media Kits are available at Barnes & Noble-just in time for the holidays. May I suggest you pick up two? Give one to your friend and use one to create a colorful, art supply pouch to give with the kit so your friend can store all the goodies from the kit.

Here's how I made my Mixed Media Art Supply Pouch...

November 2015 Step One

1. Using the Gelatos® Colors from the 50s Diner Kit, draw random marks all over a piece of white, duck cloth canvas fabric. I used the Gelatos® Colors in Blood Orange, Aqua Dolce, and Banana.

Nov 2015 Step Two

2. Use a VERY wet paint brush and begin to move the colors around on the cloth to create a contemporary watercolor pattern.

3. Continue adding Gelatos® Colors to the fabric until you are happy with the design. Allow to dry.

Nov 2015 Step Three

4. Using the Dot Dabber included in the kit, apply some polka dots to the design. Simply take the Gelatos® Colors and rub a bit of color onto the Dot Dabber, then apply to the fabric. I used the Gelatos® Colors in Squid Ink.

5. When the fabric is completely dry, place a pressing cloth over the designed fabric, and iron it to heat set your design.

6. Use the fabric your fabulous fabric to sew a pouch from your favorite pattern. Alternately, you can use the above techniques on a plain, white store-bought pouch. Either way, your friend will love this thoughtful gift.

Mixed Media Kit copy

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This is a super lovely pouch!


This pouch turned out super cute! Love the idea and what a great gift to give..or keep ;)

Mary Radich

Love this idea. Wondering if the colors wash out.

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