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Hi everyone! I can't believe this is my final blog post. I've had loads of fun with Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® and hope you've been inspired to make lots of art as a result. Recently, I've been doing a lot of creating in my black and white journal. Working in two colors (well, three since I use grey) can either be a bit of a challenge or refreshingly simple.

Here's some art from my black and white journal:

Dmc 7

And here's one I created especially for you, because often I find that beginning is indeed the hardest part.

Dmc 5

First, I sorted through a bunch of black and white ephemera.


 I narrowed it down to this:

Dmc 1

Here are the only pens I needed!

Dmc 3

I used my Stamper's Big Brush Pen in black to stamp some images on my page. With the Stamper's Big White Pen I drew circles and made dots. I love adding circles and dots to my pages!


Using a set of grey Art GRIP® Aquarelle watercolor pencils I added shadows and shading for depth and interest. I like to use these as pencil crayons so that I have the option of blending the color with water later.


 It was easy to alter the look of these ladies with my set of black PITT® Artist Pens. 

Dmc 2

I used the Stamper's White pen for my text and a fine tip PITT Artist pen for the shadow effect. A really simple way to embellish your own handwriting is to add a soft triangle or line at the tips of the letters, as I did here. You could also try dots. In adding shadow to letters I always add to the Left and Lower (bottom). The two L's help me remember and keep my shadow placement consistent.

Dmc 4

 Here's the final page:

  Dmc 5

Dmc 6

Come visit me any time at my blog, Hope to see you again soon! You really can never go wrong with Design Memory Craft®! Happy creating! xo, seena

What I Used:

Stamper's Big Brush Pens

Stamper's Big White Pen

Essential PITT Artist Pens

Art Grip Aquarelles (Neutral)

Strathmore 400 Series Toned Sketch Journal, Cool Grey 


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Wonderful work Seena!


I love this quote and your beautiful work. It's been amazing seeing all the creative pieces you create! Thank you for sharing it!


Lovely page,beauty in black and white.

Win Dinn, Artist

Such a wonderful piece - and judging from this post alone, you'll be sorely missed!


Oh awesome! I'm loving your black/white/grey artwork!! It's super inspiring and I'm going to try some myself!!! thanks for sharing your incredible talent and inspiration--I'll be visiting you at your blog to stay in touch!!! xoxo

Kelley Fewer

I really like this palette, and the lettering is cool!

Shine on!

Rachel Kleinman

wow!! i am really blown away by your pages. these are truly gorgeous. love the challenge of black and white. you certainly mastered it! love it!

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