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Create background & Water coloring


Hello, everyone. Hee Sun Kim here. 

Today, I want to share with you how to create background with crayon and water coloring using watercolor pencils.

1. Apply Gel Medium evenly and sufficiently.



2. Attach tissue paper carefully. Make sure to attach tissue paper by enfolding crinkled patterns.



3. Apply Gesso lightly so that tissue paper can be read.



4. Stamping using a Stamper's Big Brush Pen BLACK.



5. Draw awkward parts of the stamp image with a Artist Pens BLACK.



6. Apply various colors of Gelatos on some parts of the background.



7. Blend with Glaze.



8. Wipe lightly before it dries so that image of the tissue paper can be seen.



9. Here, I want to share various methods of painting.

(1) You can use watercolor pencils directly on the image and using a brush with water.

(2) You can apply a brush with water into watercolor pencils thinking of watercolor pencils as a pallet.

(3) You can apply water into the image and watercolor pencils.

(4) You can use Gelatos in the same way as water color pencils.




10. Add texture to the background with stencil and Glass Bead Glitter Gel. This is mixed with glitter power, improving glittering effects and maintaining opacity after dry. Therefore, it is very appropriate for using on the background after background preparation.







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Stamper's Big Brush Pen BLACK (#770012)

Gesso (#770302)

Gel Medium (#770303)

Essential PITT Artist Pens BLACK (#770075)

Glaze (#770304)

Glass Bead Glitter Gel (#770317)

Gelatos® Double Scoop® Color - Silver Ice (#770265)

Gelatos® Double Scoop® Color - Mango (#770253)

Gelatos® Double Scoop® Color - Bubble Gum (#770251)

Gelatos® Double Scoop® Color - Snow Cone (#770257)

Gelatos® Double Scoop® Color - Metallic Melon (#770267)

Gelatos® Double Scoop® Color - Butterscotch (#770264)

Gelatos® Double Scoop® Color - Red Cherry (#770252)

Gelatos® Double Scoop® Color - Lemon (#770254)

Gelatos® Double Scoop® Color - Chocolate (#770263)




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Beautiful creation, HeeSun Kim!!

Linsey R

This is marvelous Hee Sun!! The detailing on your coloring is amazing--thanks for providing the close-ups and the great inspiration for different ways to paint! Wonderful piece!!!

Christina (seena) Young

Really enjoyed your easy to follow instructions! Lovely page!

Web Solution

Wow, sometime I feel it's impossible to create such art, but you made my day, I enjoy reading your blog. Sometime it's make easy to keep uptoday the website by using CMS website development service and upload the images without any hassle. Once again thnx for sharing it.

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