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Jewelry hanger canvas by Baerbel Born


Dear fans of Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® products, I am so proud to be on the fall/winter team 2014! For my first project I decided to make something traditional and useful, my colorful canvas will serve as a jewelry hanger from now on and help me to present and display my earrings and necklaces.

My inspiration for this project is a summary of many years of crafting experience: I teached in many craft workshops and often they had one thing in common: The crafters didn't dare to paint or write by hand. It has always been my wish to help all those friends and artists who need some help with their paintings.

If you find an image or text you like, you can transfer it onto your canvas! All you need is tissue paper or paper napkin and a ball pen.

How you can copy and transfer any image to your painting I will show you in my video. I made the video with a quote that matches the topic: 'So many things carelessly discarded, will be picked up and turned into a jewel for someone else.' (George Meredith)

But please keep in mind the technique will also work for images, like faces or houses....

One thing I want to mention: There are many tutorials out there, how to use a printer on tissue paper. I tried so many, but always failed to print on a such delicate layer, no matter which trick I tried. My printer used to tear tissue of mulberry papers apart or caused the paper to crincle!

My method may be a bit more time consuming, but it works. There is no need for a fancy printer or copy shop. The supplies are easy to get, and even children can do it! I hope you like it.


Supply list:

Paper napkin "Fantastisk" by Ikea

ball pen

brushes, primed canvas

Gelatos® Double Scoop® Green Tea

Gelatos® Double Scoop®  Raspberry

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Gesso

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Gel Medium




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Olga Kovalchuk

OMG!!! It's amazing creation dear Baerbel!!! :)
~Olga Kovalchuk


wundervoll Bärbel!

Linsey R

What a beautiful piece Baerbel!!! I love the napkin transfer technique you showed us and your video was really nice to watch!! Wonderful and inspiring project!!! You rocked it girl!! :D


Congratulation, great Idea and beautiful work, love it!


AWESOME tutorial... I am inspired to try your techniques! Thanks for sharing!

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