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Full Bloom Chalkboard by Tonya Gibbs



Hi everyone,  I'm super excited to bring  you today's project. I've created this Chalkboard Art that would make an awesome gift for someone.   This project is one of those that started out being one thing and ended up being something totally different.  I started out wanting to make watercolor card gift sets to share with friends. But when I finished the Art Panel it was just too beautiful to turn into a card. It needed to be displayed on a wall!


Disclaimer  - I'm not a professional illustrator, or watercolor expert! Therefore,  if I can do it, anyone can do it! In my accompanying video, I will share a few tips for you to get started, and some things to think about as you begin drawing your blossoms.  For inspiration, I studied flower images on the internet.  I paid attention to where shadows and highlights hit, petal shapes and coloring.  Then I  started to play with my Gelatos®.   My hands just seemed to know what they were doing.  Here is a close up of the Art Panel:



On the Art Panel background I used a combination of the following  Gelatos® Aqua Dolce,  Gelatos® Cotton Candy then Gelatos® White for the clouds.   The flowers were drawn with the Gelatos® Red Mix and Match collection  Guava, Bubble Gum, and Red Cherry.  Highlight accents were added using the Gelatos® White.   The stems were a mixture of Textural Accents Whipped Spackle and Gelatos® Green Mix and Match Collection Pistachio and Green Tea, The stamens are a combination of  Gelatos® Chocolate and Gelatos® Black. I found that by using two different colors in the stamens, I had more depht, and interest.    To give a feeling of sunshine, I added a sunbeam using the Textural Accents Glass Bead Glitter Gel

Here is a close up of the chalkboard writing:



I painted a 9x12 canvas board with the Textural Accent Chalkboard Paint.  I painted 3 coats on the canvas allowing it to dry completely between each coat.  Then I allowed the board to "cure" for at least 24 hours.  This may not be neccessary. You just want to make sure the paint is good and dry before you begin

I love the look of chalk, but didn't want it to easily rub off, so I decided to use the PITT® Pastel Pencils in place of standard chalk. I love that the pencils give me more control and a finer tip for small details.   I used the White and add accents, shadows, and flowers with the Pink, then used the Green for the leaves.  These pencils show up gorgeous on the contrasting black surface.  I used a little water and the Dot Dobber as an eraser to clean up unwanted marks.   Once the canvas was finished I sealed it with a thin coat of Gel Medium.



Here is a video showing you the entire process from start to finish along with tips on creating Chalkboard lettering, and tips for drawing the flowers. 


Once the chalkboard was dry, I added it to a frame that had the glass removed.   It makes a lovely gift, or beautiful home decore piece.  I love when my direction is shifted because of inspiration.  

Thanks for stopping in today, 

Tonya Gibbs


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Carol Mc

Wonderful canvas. Just love it.

Denise Key

Beautiful!! You make it look so easy in your video to make the flowers!!! Loved the tutorial and watching it all come together!! It's absolutely stunning!!!


SO MUCH FUN to watch and be inspired! LOVE this project :)


it is more than AMAZING!!! I am speechless! really well done Tonya!

TracyM #6773

THANK YOU for sharing this beautiful piece Tonya!!!
LOVE your flower panel, LOVE the sentiment, LOVE it all!!!

Rosy Newlun

Thank you! I had such a good time, just watching, listening, taking it all in. It turned out so beautifully.

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