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Hello, it's Magda. It's my first blog post for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® and I feel a little nervous but anyway... Today I would like to show you how to use three products in two different ways and achieve completely different effect. I won't use additional products I will only change a order of using them.


I use Mini Journal Boards as a background. The thickness of the pages allows me to apply loads of mediums onto it. I start with Whipped Spackle. I smear it around the whole page using pallet knife. The pallet knife is great to work with Gelatos® but I also use it for applying mediums to the background.


I apply Whipped Spackle onto two pages. Using the pallet knife I add a texture. I draw lines, I push my pallet knife harder to the background etc. When my pages are dry they are ready for the next step.


On one of the pages I apply Chalk Board Paint. Usually I do it using pallet knife but I don't want to see any white spots of Whipped Spackle that's why I use very soft brush. I leave the paint to dry.


On the other page I apply Gelatos® Mettalic Mint. You need to be sure that Whipped Spackle is completely dry. I draw around whole page and than using my finger I smear it. Because the page is covered by Whipped Spackle, which is a thick gesso, Gelatos® smears beautifully. I use my finger because it's the best tool for textured background. That way I'm sure that the layer of Gelatos® is everywhere where I want it to be. I decide to use one more colour on the top of Gelatos® Metallic Mint which is Gelatos® Banana.


When I'm happy with the results I apply Chalk Board Paint on top of the Gelatos® layer. I only apply it around the border.

 The same colours of Gelatos® I apply to my black page. Here you can see how different pages are...


On the left page I apply Gelatos® and than Chalk Board Paint. The background looks soft and colours are still bright.

On the right side page I apply Chalk Board Paint and then Gelatos®. Gelatos® Mettalic Mint gives amazing effect on a dark background. It looks almost like metal not a paper. The colours are melting together and it's hard to believe that I have used the same colours as on the first page.


I could stop at this point but it wouldn't be me if I didn't use Gelatos® Banana in all it's brightness. I cut a few small pieces of Gelatos® using pallet knife and than mixed it with a drop of water. I use a Blending Chisel. When Gelatos® completely mixes with water I add Gel Medium to it. Using my homemade mask I apply Gel Medium to the background.



Thanks for reading my long tutorial! I hope I have inspired you. 


Mini Journal Boards (#770313)

Gel Medium (#770303)

Whipped Spackle (#770318)

Chalkboard Paint Jar (#770316)

Gelatos® Tool Set (#770312)

Essential PITT Artist Pens BLACK (#770075)

Gelatos® Designer Colors – 50's Diner (#770163)



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Victoria H.

Wow amazing the difference between the two using all the same products! Thank you for the great tutorial.


Its wonderful !!


Fabulous textures and paint effects!
Alison x

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