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New Guest Design Team!

Congratulations to the following designers!  

To everyone who applied- thank you so much.  We loved seeing all your crafts, and we really appreciate the time you took to apply to our call.  We hope to see you at the next Guest DT call!

  1. Tenia Nelson  
  2.  Stacey Schaefer 
  3. Karen Crossen  
  4. Krista Van Tol 
  5. Nadia Canizzo  
  6. Vicky P  
  7. Beck BT  
  8.  Madga Polakaw 
  9. Mieko Sejima  
  10. Yuka Tanaka
  11. Olga Siedlecka 
  12. Jeanne Streiff 


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Lisa - papergrace

CONGRATULATIONS to you all!! This is a great team and you are going to have the best time ever. So happy for all of you. Yay!!

Sharon d. Estes

Congratulations to all the new designers. Will be looking forward to see all the great new Projects.
Sharon Estes

sarinda jones

Congrats To everyone... Fab news.

Tenia Nelson

Yayness!!! Totally excited and congrats to the other SUPER TALENTED ladies!!!! Yayness!!! :)

Anna Wight

Super fun!! Congrats girls!

Can you fix the links to the designers blogs, though? Most of them fail to connect.

Jeanne Streiff

So excited! Yeah to the rest of the girls!

Beck Beattie

WOW so excited to see my name listed there!! Congrats everyone!

TracyM #6773


Looking forward to a colourful and exciting year ahead :)

Heather McMahon

A huge congrats to Beck and Nadia! Woohoo!

Nadia Cannizzo

yay!! So exciting! Thanks so much and congratulations to all the other girls too :))


Congrats everyone. The hyperlinks aren't working though :(
Any ideas? Would love to see their blogs!!

Krista V

I'm over the moon to be a part of this talented group! Thanks so much and congrats to everyone!!!


Same here, big congrats but you really need to fix the links, this is bad and does not make a good impression I reckon, YOU NEED TO SORT THIS!!

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