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Does it take you a long time to edit photos from your vacation? We always take lots of them! Once we got prints from our latest trip to San Francisco I thought about framing some.  This is a city we keep going back. We always come home so relaxed and inspired. This last time we made it to the Palace of Fine Arts. A beautiful structure surrounded by magical gardens! I gathered a simple frame and some Faber Castell materials at the studio and ended up with this colorful frame.


Wipe off your frame with a dry cloth to get rid of dust.

Start rubbing Gelatos® Lime on the outer side on the frame.

Using your fingers smudge the Gelatos® Colors Blue to create a smooth and uneven effect.

Let dry about two hours.

Repeat step and rub Gelatos® Pin in the inner side of the frame.

Let dry about two hours.

Start drawing your design using a  superfine PITT Artist Pen. I chose leaves for mine inspired by the Palace of Fine Arts gardens.

Colour your leaves alternating PITT® artist pens: Gold 250**, Indanthrene 247*** and Green Metallic 294***.


Let dry about an hour.

Add some details in the pink inner side of the frame with superfine PITT Artist Pen.

Add a finish to your frame using the Stamper’s Big Brush Pen: Black 199*** and mark all around the outer side of it.

Let dry about an hour.


Choose your favorite photo and hang it! Enjoy!



Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Products: 
Gelatos® Colors: Lime and Pink.
PITT® artist pens: Gold 250**, Indanthrene 247*** and Green Metallic 294***.

Stamper’s Big Brush Pen: Black 199***

GabrielaGabriela Delworth is a Craft & Product Designer with over six years of experience designing for leading arts and crafts manufacturers. She lives and works in Toronto, Canada. She also writes instructional articles accompanied by tutorials and photography for publications in print/online.


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Dana Tatar

Gorgeous! I love the vibrant colors and the leaf design.

Katie Smith

This is lovely! I love restyling frames and other things. :)

Linda Greiss

Gorgeous frame! Thanks for the tutorial!

Larissa Heskett  =)

WOW!! THis is BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE the BRIGHT Colors that you were able to get!! SO PRETTY!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

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