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Sketchbooks - Gelatos


Hello everyone,

.....Swarup here with a project that's just perfect for kids and adults alike..sketchbooks!

I believe everyone of us who loves to doodle should have a sketch book...even if we  just end up using it to jot down grocery lists...we still need one!

.....but what if we jazz it up a bit and make it artsy , wouldn't you love to get it out and use it more  for skecthing and doodling  or perhaps carry it around just because it looks beautiful and most importantly  beacuse you made it yourself?

Today I will show you how to make some lovely watercolor sketchbooks. The idea is not totally original , since I have seen a lot teachers do these with little kids at school, moms who use their children's artwork to make books and of course we crafters and amateur artists who use our failed paintings which we just cannot get ourselves to trash.  I was inspired by Erin's books who was inspired by Nicola's!

But I thought of revisiting the idea using a different medium - Gelatos.

 Here is step by step tutorial to give you all an idea of how easy these are to make. there is not  much of a technique here, and I think that is the best part of this project ..anyone can do it and there is no right or wrong to it.


Spray watercolor paper with water and dampen it thoroughly. Rub Gelatos in different color and using a damp brush spread the pigment evenly.  TIP: To avoid scribble marks once the paper is dry, use a very light hand when applying the Gelatos and start with a soaking wet  paper.


 Alternatively, you could scrape the Gelatos into a dish or  palette and add water to it and use it like regular watercolors and the above picture shows just that and also  how beautifully these colors flow.


Now to turn these lovely sheets of watercolor goodness into a sketchbook, add some sheets of paper and run a stitch down the center  of the booklet using a sewing machine or you could punch some holes and thread a yarn or ribbon or  the easiest ...just staple them!

The kind of paper would depend on what you want to use the book for, if it is for your kids to simply draw or color using dry media, you could use regular copy paper. For my sample here I have used drawing paper, but if you want to use wet media , then it would be ideal to use 140#watercolor paper.

Also, as you can see in the first photo I have gone ahead and doodled on the cover using black Pitt Artists Pens  and colored in the images using watercolor pencils.


I made these books for a friend  who is hosting an Easter brunch  and an Egg Hunt. She needed some of these books to give the kids so I went ahead and personalised these with egg shaped name tags .


Well! do you like it?

Do let me know , I appreciate all the comments you leave  and look forward to seeing your take on this . If you do attempt this, please leave a link , and I would love to  drop by and see your version!




50's Diner

PITT Artist Pens-black

Watercolor Pencils



Swarup MI am a self taught watercolorist and a  trained textile designer . Over  the last 20 years I have  learned how to blend them both and bring that into my Papercrafting. I have been scrapbooking and card making for more than a  decade now and immensely enjoy creating these mini masterpieces as I like to call them. I consider every card I create to be  a miniature piece of art and  usually favor a clean and simple style in my card making..and  enjoy a bolder look in  my  Art journals. I enjoy photography and love to travel.

I  blog  as Sanketi and love sharing my work with others. I  have been published in Designed to color magazine , Simply Handmade and Cards Magazines.



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Melanie Douthit

Love the purple, yellow, orange color combo.:)


Gorgeous! Another idea might be to take a humungous piece of watercolor paper and have all your backgrounds done at once; I've seen tutorials on how to cut/fold them out of one sheet of paper. Hmmm. Definitely a must try - of course, I have no gelatos! But they are on my list!

Marge R. (mer)

Sooo pretty; think the Gelatos will make great spring cards -- gotta get me some soon!!!

holly woodcock

do i like them??? I LOVE them! They are Beautiful!!!

Barbara MacAskill

This is beautiful! TFS!


Awesome background pages, just love the flow of color!

Arnoldo L. Romero

These are beautiful and look like a lot of fun to make. Blessings!

Danie May

Such a gorgeous idea as you said for kids and adults alike! xx


Beautiful! I love the way the colors blend so nicely!


Very cute! and your right...everyone should have one!


I love this! What did you used for the doodling on the covers that are shown in the top photo?


Thanks everyone for the kind comments!

Joyce....for the doodling I used Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens-black and watercolor pencils


Love it! Reminds me that we will have a spring - someday!

Diana Craig

I've always enjoyed the look of watercolors, esp to create sunrises and sunsets. You've made it look easy and fun!! Diana

Marilyn K Wood

These booklets are sooo lovely.. I need to source these out in the UK to see whether they are available over here..I need some!

kateri cochran

I fell in love with gelatos as soon as I saw these journals. I went on a hunt looking for other examples of artwork using gelatos. THEN I went on a hunt on my town trying to find them. Joann's has them under lock and key in an unusual part of their store. Coupons!! I got the black and white, the reds and blues. Next coupon it will be greens and yellows. I was so excited! You created a firestorm! No art accomplished yet, but look at them longingly. Thanks for sharing and creating a spark that's been long dormant.


I am so glad I inspired you,hope to see your creation soon!

Judy Stevens

I am starting to get excited about Gelatos. How-to tutorials really help. Thanks!

Yvonne Weber

I just got my first set of gelattos last week and my first attempt didn't come out so well. This looks very tempting and very colorful.


These are beautiful!

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