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12 Days of Christmas Inspirations, Day 6: Dyed Fabric Hair Accessories

12 Days of Christmas, Day 5: Christmas in a Sardine Tin


Hi everyone, Kim Dellow here with another guest DT make for you. My project today is called ‘Christmas In A Sardine Tin’ and you guessed it, it is a little altered sardine tin with a Christmas theme.

I decided to go for traditional Christmas colours for this make with the Red, Green and Yellow Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Mix and Match colour sets.


So first you need to eat some sardines or feed them to your family and pets, you can use other tins of course! Once the tin was empty and clean I covered the inside with some white paper to make it easier to stick the fabric down.


The fabric is a loose weave canvas stamped with a gingham image. I spritzed my stamp with a light mist of water and then covered it with Deep Scarlet Red 219 Stamper’s Big Brush pen and the Metallic Gold Champagne Gelato and stamped it onto my fabric. I repeated the stamping to cover the fabric then layered the inside of the tin.


The next job was to make a little Christmas tree to fit in the tin. I made mine from old sewing pattern tissue collaged onto card. I cut out my shapes and used the Green Mix and Match Mixed Media Sampler kit to colour the tree. So I scribbled out the Leaf Green 112 Stamper’s Big Brush pen, Metallic Mint Gelato and PITT Metallic Green 294 Artist Pen on plastic and spritzed with water, then pressed the tree pieces into the colour. I did the same for the little star but using the Yellow Mix and Match Mixed Media Sampler kit.


Once the tree parts where dry I then lightly added more texture with the PITT Metallic Green 294 Artist Pen and shaped all the pieces by curling them around the pens. I then stuck the pieces together to make my tree.


Before sticking my Christmas tree into the tin, I gave the inside of the tin a light brush with some Gesso to tone the background down slightly. Once this was dry I trimmed the tree to fit and stuck it into the tin. For the sentiment banner flag I coloured a cocktail stick with the Dark Chrome Yellow 109 Stamper’s Big Brush pen and the PITT Gold 250 Artist Pen. 


The little heart was coloured with the Deep Scarlet Red 219 and Dark Chrome Yellow 109 Stamper’s Big Brush pens and the texture was added by scribbling the Deep Scarlet Red 219 Stamper’s Big Brush pen onto some spare fabric and pressing the card into the colour before it dries.


Hope you like sardines!


Thanks for dropping in.



Supply List:

Deep Scarlet Red 219 Stamper’s Big Brush pen

Dark Chrome Yellow 109 Stamper’s Big Brush pen

Leaf Green 112 Stamper’s Big Brush pen

PITT Gold 250 Artist Pen.

PITT Metallic Green 294 Artist Pen

Metallic Mint Gelato

Metallic Gold Champagne Gelato


Sardine tin


Old sewing pattern tissue

Loose weave canvas

Gingham rubber stamp


Water spray bottle


Kim DellowBioPhotoKim Dellow  is a UK-based artist - crafter - blogger living in London. She adores dabbling in colour and form, mixing her media and stitching it all up. She loves to experiment, share and teach and spends the rest of her time writing articles for various craft magazines as well as working with a number of companies in the industry. When she isn’t at her work desk she can be found at her blog, or hanging out on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. So drop by and say ‘hello’ when you have a moment.









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Vicky Alberto

so creative!

Patti J.

This just makes me happy!!! What a fun and amazing creation - thanks for sharing :)

Larissa Heskett =)

This is so darn CUTE!! LOVE this idea and think they would make FUN Ornaments you could make a hole at the top of the tin and add a hanger!! =) THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

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