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Easy technique with Art GRIP® Aquarelle pencils

Aquarelle technique

Hi there everyone, Mou Saha here with today's post.Back in October, when I went to teach at Oh My Crafts' Discovering Possibilities event, many of the students wanted to know how to use the Art GRIP® Aquarelle watercolor pencils. So, I have been experimenting with these pencils. Let me share with you one of the simple things I learned. Usually, I associate palette knives with oil and acrylic paints, but I found that they work great with watercolors too.


First I colored on my art journal page with several shades of the same color.

Then spritzed it with water lightly. I blended the colors and moved them around with a few quick strokes of the palette knife.

Once the backgrounds dried, I wrote on them, stamped and embellished them.


Happy Holidays everyone!


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I don't quite see the effect with the green page. Am I missing a step? There is a stencil image. debossed if you will, then wet and moved around. Did we loose the debossed image as a result?

Mou Saha

Selena, thanks for your question. I can see why my post was confusing. So, let's try this one more time.
If you notice, these are pages from an art journal. The page with the red background had a diecut leftover attached to it. When I turned the page, and colored the background with green pencils, it naturally got the impression of the diecut from the back. But that wasn't what I was going for, so I blended the colors and the image disappeared. Then I continued working on the page as I would on a background. If you are working on something similar and want to maintain an image, you could you use the regular Art grip color pencils or not blend the Aquarelle watercolor pencils. Hope this answers your question and sorry for the confusion.
Mou Saha


I understand now :) I struggle with my journal in the same way. Sometimes the effect is pretty neat but other times not so much. Thank you for taking the time to clarify!
Happy Journaling


I wondered about this as well. Thanks for explaining!

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