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Pastel Pencils on Black

It's In The Bag!

Jen Matott back from Chicago and my 1st Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) show with Faber- Castell and I just wanted to share one of my CHA projects using the DMC products.  This bag was so fun to alter!  I used the Gelatos, Aquarelle pencils, and Pitt Artist Pens on the surface along with some matte gel medium and texture paste (otherwise known as Modeling paste).  I'll share my process along with some detail shots of the textures and colors used.  The canvas bag is the large tote from Donna Downey with Prima. I purchased it at my local scrapbook store a while ago and finally decided what to do with it!  I knew I was coming to CHA and wanted a carry on bag for the plane!  It is a perfect size to carry magazines and necessary personal items in!


So, I started with the unprimed surface and used a handmade template of a bird shape and my homemade Gelato sprays over it in black.   I sprayed over the template on one side of the front of the bag and then traced the template backwards so that the bird faced the other with the Pitt Artist Pen in Cold Grey VI.  I love this new color!  It is rich and very opaque but not quite black. I created a sort of doodle effect (much like this zendoodling post).


Next I added some circles using the waste of a game board pieces punchout. I used metallic and regular green and blue Gelatos in which I just colored inside the shape and added a bit of water with the brush to blend.

IMG_0381 IMG_0385
Next, I added some random strokes of gel medium with gelato mixed in to tint it like a paint.  Learn more about this technique here.  I did this for the sides of the back and around the edges of the front,  back, and inside flap. I also used more sprays on the back with a variety of stencils and screens/ masks.

I couldn't resist adding some drips too!  Love my drippage! Here's a butterfly that I outlined and filled in with Gelatos.


Okay, so I liked the canvas texture but wanted a bit more texture on the bag.  So, I added a peacock feather shape with a stencil and texture paste.  I used Golden's Light Modeling paste for this because it's flexible and light.  I used a palette knife to spread it over the stencil like I'm frosting a cake. Then, I scraped it over to remove extra paste.  Lifting the stencil straight up, I had a distressed and raised image!

You could tint the modeling paste with gelatos too or color over them with either a wash or direct application of color.  I think you can even draw over it with the pens!

Now, because this bag is going to be functional and maybe out in the weather, I covered the entire bag with a coating of gel medium to seal it.  Use a brush and apply and even coat or two.  It dries clear.  So, now I have a very unique bag to carry and have gotten many "where did you get that bag?" inquiries.  Much to my delight I can say "I made it!"... You can too! 




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Barbara Moore

Wow what a wonderful bag! You are just very creative! I know that anyone would be tickled pink to have a bag like that. Great job!

Hugs XX

Sarah Lejeune

very cool!

Linn Rivera

beautiful bag :) thanks for the inspiration

Cheryl N.

This is an amazing design. I think I will try and do it to a few of my old T shirts. I hate to part with my shirts and would rather recycle them. Thanks for sharing!


It's gorgeous!

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