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Technique Tuesday: Create Colored Gel Paints with Gelatos

Today, I'm going to share how I made colored gel medium or paints with the Gelatos!  I wanted some spreadable colored medium that would work over papers that I want to see the text through.  I also wanted to be able to make my own colors and use them on other mixed media projects that might be harder to use the Gelato sticks on.  So, I created a "paint" or glaze that uses gel medium (I used a matte medium) as the binder. DSC06197

This is very similar to the sprays I showed you!  You pick your Gelato colors and shave off a bit of each of the colors you want to mix onto a craft mat or wax paper. 


I've mixed colors to create my own colored glaze!  Here I mixed the light blue and the green to create a turquoise color.  You can also add white to make it lighter and black to make a darker version of a color.


Spritz some water using the handy little spritz bottle that comes with the tool pack that Faber-Castell makes!

DSC06203Mix into a watery paste using a palette knife or your finger.

Scoop all the paste into a small container of medium.  You can also do the same with white gesso or a white acrylic paint.  It creates a more pastel version of the paint and is more opaque.

  Brush over canvas, thick paper, wood, plaster, or other substrate to create a luminous and sheer glaze or paint. The Faber-Castell Textural Accents sampler contains a sampling of 2oz each of Gesso, Gel and Glaze so it's a great way to give these new techniques a try :)

Here is a finished project that I did with this technique!  I hope you enjoyed this alternative way to use your Gelatos!  DSC06147



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Wow! What a gorgeous effect it creates!

Martha Richardson

OMG...these exact colors are on the way to me right now...can't wait to try this!

Tiffany Johnson

Very cool! I just love seeing how mixing different mediums works! Thanks for showing us :)

colleen mcginty

AWESOME!...what about mixing them with the, gesso, gel medium & glaze in the Design * Memory * Craft, Textural Accents Sampler!

Happy Creating, Colleen


I love the effect! Am desperate to purchase the gelatos but no-one in the UK stocks them and 2 Peas is still sold out :(

Do you know where I can buy them (who currently has them instock) and will ship to the UK?

Also, please could you tell me is that a stamp or mask (lots of little circles)under the speech bubble and again under the photo, this time in green?


I used dotted drywall tape as a mask for the effect under the speech bubble!

Stephanie Muzzulin

Love seeing all these great techniques with these amazing products!!!!TFS!!!


Thanks Jmatott for answering my question, never heard of that tape, will have to look out for it.

Graco Sprayers

Great idea and great pictures, I got the jist of it just from looking at the pics

 Susan Garman

Super cool. Can't wait to try this.

Lindzie Head

This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing. Will use this on my canvas project.


brilliant i say.. simply brilliant!!


Very cool technique!

Melanie Douthit

This is great! I have some gelatos I haven't used yet. Can't wait to try this!

Gina Howe

LOVE IT! I am with everyone else: I can't wait to try it!


Love this idea! I'm going to try it using floating medium for the more transparent "paint" and then white acrylic for more opaque and pastel colors. I just can't get enough of these Faber Castell products and techniques! Thank you!!

Debbie Kaste

I'm going to grab my gelatos and get to work! Thanks for the inspiration.


How long will the paste last in the container if stored airtight?

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