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Technique Tuesday: Gelato + Water = Misty Spray!

Hi friends! Jen Matott here to show you a fun technique that is all the rage in the industry right now. 

Mists or sprays are turning up all over the place and when used over stencils, masks or everyday objects, they offer a unique look that is artsy, messy and exciting. I decided to make my own sprays using Gelatos and a mister.  It's a bit of a process but it's so worth it because in the end you get subtle, pastel or metallic bold color!

Here is a photo tutorial I put together for you!

First, I DSC06097used a palette knife to cut a 1/4 of an inch of the gelato off. I used the metallic ones because I wanted shimmer too but you could mix the shimmer with a solid color to get a more dramatic effect. 

I used the palette knife to chop up and smoosh the color onto an art mat. 






I then used the palette knife to mix the shavings. Add a tiny spritz of water to soften it and make it easier to blend into a soft paste.








Using the palette knife, scrap up the paste and add to the water bottle. The more you add, the more intense the color. I chose to keep mine soft and pastel. 

Replace the cap and shake up! 







Try it out on white paper to see if it is the intensity you want. If too light, add more color using the same technique. It may clog up the sprayer because the pigment is thicker than an ink but just a good cleaning after you are finished by running it under warm water and spraying, will do the trick!   








I created this page using a variety of circle stencils, recycled materials.

You could use just about anything you have lying around the house as a mask. Get creative! I used a piece of chipboard with holes from game pieces and the leftover bits from an insurance card mailer! And a "real" mask from Heidi Swapp.

The colors layered are subtle and fun! Use just one spray for a monochormatic look, or layer two colors of spray like this...




Masking Technique with Spray  










And finally, add some PITT® Artist Pen details, a photo & a few scraps of paper and you all of sudden you have an easy but dynamic scrapbook page! 

Snow Day by Jennifer Matott

I hope you enjoyed my demonstration on how to make your own Gelato sprays! You can see more work of mine on my blog using this technique. I'll be back to share more techniques using Gelatos and other Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft products!


Jen Matott  A self-proclaimed Mom, Wife, Artist, Scrapper and Teacher, Jennifer has a funky & trendy style. She also serves on the design teams for Nikki Sivils, Scrap Mojo and XOXO Girls.


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Elizabeth Del Valle

Hmmm, very cool, something new to do with my gelatos

Jill Foster

How cool! LOVE this idea!!!!

Linda Polaretzki

can't wait until I get mine - they are due to arrive by Friday. Love using mists. I also love the way you used the empty pop dots "sheet" - never thought of that. Thanks for the tips


Hi! Can you tell me the difference between the gel sticks and the gelatos? Thanks!

jennifer h

Have go to get some of these:)


Do you know if this technique works with Tim Holtz distress crayons?

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