How to Create Plaid Patterned Paper with Gelatos Plus 3 Projects

Diana Trout here today with a tutorial on making festive plaid patterned paper for some holiday paper crafting.


Here are the supplies you need to get crafting:

Pitt Pens (Bold or Stampers, I used grays, yellows and mint)
Mixed Media paper (about 100#) 8"x10" 
Glass Bead Glitter Gel
Punches, card base, ribbons

Check the video below for more information.


Begin by using your ruler and Gelatos to create as parallel to the edge of the paper  as you can. The T-square ruler I use works to keep your drawn line parall, but you can just eyeball it:.look at the paper edge as you draw your line.  You'll be surprisied at how much straighter your line will be! Don't worry about wiggly lines, but do try to keep the lines parallel. 


Draw thick and thin lines to fill the paper. Rub the lines with either your finger, a sponge or a slightly dry baby wipe (I love the firm sponge that comes in the Gelatos pack).  Turn the paper vertically and draw in some intersecting lines. I suggest using a darker color for these lines such as Squid Ink. 

This is your background plaid. Your paper may look a little messy now but at the last step, it'll come together. I promise. Once you've smooshed the Gelatos into the paper, it won't come off and you'll be able to use Pitt Pens over top.

To complete the plaid pattern, use your ruler and Pitt Pens to draw straight, parallel lines. This step will pull your plaid together. Once again, use thick and thin lines by using the tip and side of the Pitt Pens. I used light colors and grays that were harmonizing.


Three Projects: 

DtroutPlaid6 LOGO
1. Make a simple card by cutting a plaid triangle, a little trunk and a star. I added a sentiment and some twine.

See the photo at the top of this post for the examples of the next two projects.

2. Use punches, dies or scissors to create tags. Add a stamped or handwritten TO and FROM stamps and some Glass Bead Glitter Gel (sparkly!) to the edges of the tags. Thread with some ribbon. 

3.  Make a gift card holder. The internet is full of ideas on this project. I use a piece of paper, 5" x 4 1/4"

Hold the paper with the longer side at the top and bottom and score at 1 3/8" on each of the short sides and 3/4" from the bottom. Trim away some of the outside corners. Fold the scored sides in and glue. Fold the scored bottom up and glue. Cut a "V" shape or use a circle punch to add a finger hold to the top of the gift card holder. 

I hope you enjoy these projects today. My favorite part of  holiday preparations is crafting! 

Gelatos Zhoosh and a Star Garland

Star garlands and winter go together like snow and cocoa! 


Today's project starts with a spin on a technique my students dubbed the Sumi Smoosh. Let's call it Gelatos Zhoosh (Jooosh: make it lively). Check out the video at the end of this post to see more in depth tips. 

Here's what you need for this simple and addictive technique and today's project. Make plenty of Zhooshed paper to have on hand for any paper craft you have up your sleeve. I like the 90# mixed media paper for this. It's easy to fold, trim and die cut.


For the Gelatos Zhoosh

Gelatos (any kind)
A plastic report cover, sleeve or packaging
Water mister
90# Mixed Media type paper, I cut it into 6" squares so it would fit into my die cut machine. 

NOTE: Watercolor paper isn't recommended for this technique.

For the Garland 

Star dies or punches. Hand cut stars are beautiful in my opinion, especially when cut by kids.
Decorative trim
String or twine for garland
Hole punch


Start by defining the area on your plastic where you'll be Zhooshing. I used a black pen to create the area. Now just scribble on the plastic Gelatos.


Open the cover and scribble in the traced square with Gelatos. Spritz gentle with water, place the paper inside and close the cover again, Zhooshing the activated Gelatos over the paper. Open and Voila! 


For a variation, try stenciling with Glaze medium onto your paper and let it dry before Zhooshing. You could use Gesso, Texture Luxe or Texture Gems for extra shine. Glass Bead Glitter Gel would work here too. 


After the paper has dried, cut stars (by hand, punches or die cuts). 


Go wild by stamping with Pitt Pens, adding Glass Beat Glitter Gel and doodling with Pitt Pens (the Metallics are very nice). More is more with Star Garlands. 


I made Glittery Tinsel Tassels because ... well why not? LOL. Here's my Garland cheering up the dreary view from my studio window. 


I use to lay out the supplies for projects like this for my kids to come and go with. 

Make the paper in one session.
Make the stars and decorate at will.
Snowy weekend fun.

Enjoy the video. I added some color theory tips for you too.


Gelatos Holiday Gift Bag


Carolyn Dube here sharing how a ho hum plain white bag became an artsy way to give a gift. The Gelatos are used to stamp the image and give it that watercolor look.  The secret ingredient that helps me do this? Water!


Create a type of ink pad for the rubber stamp by laying down a layer of Gelatos on a non-absorbent surface like palette paper or a piece of plastic.  I chose 3 colors, 2 shades of pink and a traditional red.  This creates the subtle variation.


Spritz the rubber stamp with water and place on the Gelatos, just like you would a stamp to an ink pad. Then stamp on the bag.  When the image isn't stamping well, then spritz with more water as needed. 

For the first layer, I stamped the area without any overlapping.  In the video, you'll see that it wasn't perfect.  It didn't need to be because the second layer was placed randomly over it, with images on top of images.  


Gelatos react to water, so brushing a touch of water here and there randomly on the bag created the watercolor feel to it. To get the edges darker, I added a thin line of Gelatos on the edge and moved it around with water.  


Now you know how I'll be wrapping my gifts this season - by playing with Gelatos.  Thanks for stopping by for some play!

Holiday Place Cards

2017-12-15 Gelatos Pitt Pen Place Cards 3 MARKED - Belen Sotelo

Today I'm going to share how you can create personalized place cards, with a creative flair, for your next holiday dinner using Gelatos, Pitt Pens, and a few other supplies.

2017-12-10 11.58.58

I started off with a piece of card stock coated with Gesso.

2017-12-10 12.01.38

Using an Art Grip Aquarelle Water Color Pencil, I loosely made some abstract scribbles on my card stock.

2017-12-10 12.07.44

Using a Cherry Gelatos, that I rubbed on my craft sheet and spritzed with water, and a Deluxe Waterbrush, I randomly applied the color to my paper.

2017-12-10 12.23.15

I did the same thing with Spearmint and Gold Champagne Gelatos.

2017-12-10 12.32.21

Once dry, I used my Pitt Pen Holiday Lettering Set to add marks and create more visual interest on my paper.

2017-12-10 12.55.40
I wanted even more texture, so I used the Spearmint Gelatos again and a stencil from the Stencil 101 Collection to add some dots.

2017-12-10 13.09.43

I added a few more scribbles with a light Art Grip Aquarelle.

2017-12-10 13.21.06

I trimmed the card stock to the desired size of my place cards.

2017-12-10 15.03.45
2017-12-10 15.03.45

To finish them off, I added the names and just a few more marks. If you aren't comfortable with your lettering skills, you can print the names out on your computer, like I did. My place cards were now ready to be placed on the table.
2017-12-15 Gelatos Pitt Pen Place Cards 3 MARKED - Belen Sotelo

2017-12-15 Gelatos Pitt Pen Place Cards 2 MARKED - Belen Sotelo

I hope that I've inspired you to get out your Gelatos & Pitt Pens and add a bit of artistic flair to your next holiday dinner.

xo, Belen



Holiday Art Journaling


Carolyn Dube here shaking off a bit of holiday stress in my art journal with the help of the rainbow.  Along the way, there was an O.O.P.S. or two.  What's an O.O.P.S.?  I used to call them mistakes, but now I know they're Outstanding Opportunities Presenting Suddenly. 


Whatever is on my mind ends up in my art journal, and since the holidays were top of mind, I created trees by cutting out book text.   Using Gelatos and water, they became colorful trees. 


 I colored the trees right on the page, not a drop of color was wasted since that became a part of the background as I added yellow and green Gelatos for the golden sky and grass. 


 Using Gel Medium, I glued the tress on the page.  One of the trees didn't make it on the page.  You can see why in the video.  By using Gesso around the tree trunks, bits of the background show through.   Gesso is traditionally a primer, but who says it can't be used for more than that!


 The Paper Crafter Crayons added a subtle layer of journaling as I got my thoughts out on to the page.  If you use these on wet areas, such as Gel Medium that hasn't dried, it is a very subtle look.  


There was a big O.O.P.S. when I put the title on the page.  They are words cut out from a newspaper and one of the words ended up ripped off.  Was this a bad thing? Not at all! Just an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly.  I took a little heart and put it right over the word heart that was ripped up.  


 And that led me to filling the sky with hearts!   Thanks for stopping by for a bit of play as I shook off the stress so I could be back to what was really important to me about the holidays, the heart.


It's a Wrap - Holiday Gift Packaging


2017-12-05 19.48.39WM1

Hi friends! Belen Sotelo here, with a fun way to personalize your gift packaging using Gelatos and Pitt Pens.

2017-12-05 18.30.27

I started by doodling some holly leaves and berries onto old book paper, using a Pitt Artist Pen.

2017-12-05 18.54.24

I trimmed them out and gave them some color using the Deluxe Water Brush and Gelatos in Spearmint and Green Tea. I colored the berries in with Cherry.

2017-12-05 19.01.44
2017-12-05 19.01.44

I set those aside to dry while I wrapped the gift using kraft paper.

2017-12-05 19.19.22

Next, I added some marks using a Pitt Artist Pen and stamping using a Stamper's Big Brush Pen.

2017-12-05 19.29.03

I used the Holiday Pitt Pen Lettering Set to add even more marks and doodles.

2017-12-05 19.30.01

Next, a bit of Gel Medium to adhere my leaves to the package.

2017-12-05 19.41.36

I made a quick little tag using the Cherry Gelatos and one of the Stencils from the Stencils 101 Collection.


I added a few more marks with the Holiday Pitt Pen Lettering Set, added some red jute cord and done. My package is ready to go under the tree!

Thanks for following along and Happy Holidays!

xo, Belen




A Layered Mixed Media Decor Piece


Hi everyone, Mou here with a tutorial for a layered mixed media decor piece perfect for the Holidays! 

Before I walk you through the steps, let me list the supplies.


Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft-

Gelatos® Colors -

Textural Accents -

Tools -

Other - 5x7 inches canvas, silk leaves, thread, chipboard, palette, paper trimmer, scissors, heat tool (optional)


Rub Gelatos colors Iridescents Blue Moon and Odyssey generously on 5x7 inches canvas and blend with your fingers or a smudge sponge. Seal with a top coat of Gel Medium applied lightly with a silicone spatula and let dry.


Layer the feather stencil from the Mixed Media Paper Stencils (Faith) near the right edge of the canvas and apply Whipped Spackle with palette knife. Let dry.


Rub a little Gelatos color Blueberry around the feather design and blend with water. Let dry.

Pick up a slight bit of Texture Luxe Gold and gently rub over and around the feather.


Color a 2.5x5 inches chipboard with Gelatos colors Mars and Iced Rose. Blend the colors with Gesso. Let dry. 


Mix three parts Glass Bead Glitter Gel and one part Texture Luxe Gold thoroughly in a palette.


Apply the mixed medium through the Sing His Praise stencil from the Faith collection on the colored chipboard. Let dry.


Apply dots around the stenciled phrase on the chipboard with Texture Gems Gold. Let it dry.


Color a 4 x 6 inch chipboard with Gelatos color Boysenberry. Apply Gelatos Color Iridescents Odyssey through the floral stencil, also from the Faith collection.

Trim the chipboard into two pieces -  2.75 x 5.25 inches and 0.75 x 3 inches.


Now, let's assemble the pieces on the canvas.

Cut some 18 inches of thread and loosely wrap around your palm. Pull it out and attach near the bottom left of the canvas with Gel Medium.

Attach the 2.75 x 5.25 inches chipboard piece on top of the thread layer as shown.

Layer a pair of silk leaves so they extend beyond the canvas on top of the chipboard piece.

Mount the Sing His Praise chipboard on top with Gel Medium.

Add the 0.75 x 3 inch strip below the Sing His Praise chipboard.

Apply some more Texture Luxe Gold through the flower stencil around the canvas to finish.

Hope you enjoyed today's tutorial and will reach for your Design Memory Craft stash for creating handmade Holiday decor and gifts!







Keepsake Holiday Doodled Ornaments


Whether you're trimming a tree, decorating your mantle, or just want to add a little extra cheer to your gift packages,  keepsake holiday doodle ornaments are a wonderful addition. The best part is that the whole family can join in on the fun!


I picked up a set of plain ceramic ornaments at my local craft store for a couple bucks and enjoyed a bit of quiet time turning them into keepsake pieces with my Holiday Pitt Pen Set


I'll be the first to admit that drawing really isn't my thing and I'm not much a doodler, but I didn't let that stop me!


Sometimes you just have to give your inner child permission to come out and play and just have fun!


With all three ornaments doodled, all that was left to do was to tie some ribbon or jute to each one so they'd be ready to go, once the gift wrapping begins.

I hope that I've inspired you to grab your set of Holiday Pitt Pens and enjoy some time creating your own keepsake ornaments.

xo, Belen




Holiday Happy Mail

2017-11-14 06.55.49DMC

Hi friends! For many, this is the time of year when we send cards and letters to loved ones, to let them know that we're thinking of them. Today I'm going to share with you an easy way to make that happy mail even merrier!


I started with white card stock that I coated with a light layer of gesso. Once it was dry, I used stencils from the Stencils 101 Collection and a Red Cherry Gelatos.


I used various stencils from the same stencil collection and repeated the same technique on 3 pieces of card stock. To give my greeting cards a more rustic look, I hand tore the edges to give them a nice deckled edge.


Once they were trimmed to size, I used gel medium to adhere the torn decorative card stock to the front of a plain white greeting card.


I repeated this same step for all three cards.


Next, I used the Holiday Pitt Pen Set to decorate white die cuts that I cut using my personal die cutting machine. If you don't have a cutting machine, you can find a nice selection of die cuts at your local craft store.



The Holiday Pitt Pen Set comes with red, black, green and gold Pitt Pens, and I just went for it, losing myself in doodling colorful patterns.

2017-11-14 06.59.44DMC

When I had my die cuts doodled on, I used dimensional sticky dots and adhered them to each of the cards.

Thanks for joining me as I created handcrafted holiday happy mail that's sure to brighten anyone's mailbox!

xo, Belen


Merry Canvas


Carolyn Dube here sharing a Christmas gift I've made for a friend. These 4 Pitt Pens, from the Holiday Lettering Assortment, did it all on this canvas from creating the soft background color, to the two tone edging, to the bright stars, and more! In the video, you'll see how it all came together! 


Using a preprimed canvas board, I colored the background in sections with a Pitt Pen. While the ink was still fresh, I added Gesso with a brush. The ink, mixed with the Gesso on the canvas, created a custom color for the background.  One word of caution, you want to keep the tip of the pen out of any wet gesso.  


Next, I ripped three triangles out of old book text.  Using the same pen that I used for the background, I colored each tree.  It didn't have to be a perfect coloring job because of what was coming next.

Once the trees were colored, a layer of sparkle and texture was added using the Glass Bead Glitter Gel.  When it goes on, it is white but when it is dry, it is sparkly, textured and see through.  Here you can see one that was just covered in the Glass Bead Glitter Gel and one that is completely dry.


Trees need a star on top, so a free handed a star.  For the largest tree, the largest star, for the smaller trees, smaller stars.  When I drew it on the book text, I didn't worry if it was perfect or had well defined points.  Cutting them out with scissors took care of that.

IMG_3557I am not a big fan of my handwriting so I have learned ways to make my handwriting a little better.  One trick is to write on book text.  Often, when I write words seem to slant as if they are going up a hill. But if I write on the book text, I use the lines of words as my guide to keep me level.  Without a guide, letters in my words are often different heights.  The book text acts as my guide so the -erry in Merry had letters all the same height.  Another benefit of writing on the book text is that if I don't like it, I can simply grab another piece of book text and try again.  


Another trick is to layer the pens. No matter what I do, I can never get the second layer to be exactly the same as the first. That's a good thing because that means some of the bottom color peeks through and adds interest. I wrote Merry in red first, then wrote over it in black.  I did the same kind of thing on the edges by first drawing the lines in gold, then going over the top of it with the red.  


Thanks for stopping by for today's play.  Now I am off to wrap up this gift!