Art Journaling Week 4

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It's the last day of our Art Journaling Month!  We hope you've been inspired as much as we have by these amazing journals!



The rings (pictured above) are actually included in the Mixed Media Journal sets, but designer Lisa Adametz decided to glitz it up with a piece of ribbon.  We love how clean this looks!  



For a more rustic look, try using a piece of burlap ribbon.  This journal was created based on designer Jennifer Matott's trip to Italy, and it really does lend a polished distressed finish to the Italian theme.IMG_6090

For a more beachy look, try designer Tiffany Johnson's finish.  The clean minimal string is a perfect finish for the bright popping colors she selected.  

This concludes the end of our Art Journaling Month!  Thank you for stopping by to check out the different journals, and we'd like to give a BIG thank you to our fabulous design team.  You guys are absolutely the best!


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Ustream Class Tonight with Limor Webber


Join us for a free Ustream class tonight at 9PM EST with the fabulously talented Limor Webber!  

RSVP here: 


Updated 6/26: The winner of the grand prize is G Davis!  Please send your address to  Thanks!


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Art Journaling Month Week 4

Art Journaling Banner 4

Today we're sharing designer Rita Barakat's journals! 

This week is all about wrapping up your journals- and what a better way than using ribbons?  Take three pieces of ribbons and tie the journals together before gathering up everything into one knot.  Now it's ready to be hung somewhere!  


And just because we absolutely love Rita's gorgeous's another quick look at her beautiful pages. 



Thanks for visiting today!  We'll be sharing more ways to tie your journal pages this week!

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Art Journaling Week 4 with Mou and our NEW Guest Design Team!


 Hi everyone, Mou here with the 4th and final week of Art Journaling month!

In the beginning, we picked an art journal and an inspiration piece. Week 2 was about creating foundations. Week 3, we started drawing, journaling, adding photos, etc. And in this 4th week, it comes all together... and here are all the pages from my art journal.  If you want to keep it simple, use the rings that are provided with the mixed media journal boards.  


I have colored, stamped, added texture, illustrated, and added natural objects in my art journal. You could add anything you like, such as, photos, ephemera, fabric... anything you can imagine :)


Starting with the cover


Spread 1


Spread 2


Spread 3


Spread 4


and Spread 5.

I hope you enjoyed the process of our art journaling and that you found it inspiring enough to start your own art journals!



Congratulations to our new Guest Design Team!  Thank you so much to everyone who applied- we really enjoyed looking at your beautiful crafts, and we're so grateful to be a part of your community. If you didn't make the team this time, please try again in our next call in October.   

Congratulations to our new team- we look forward to working with you! 

Isabelle Nelis

Valérie Ouellet 

Ann Scott

Sylwia G

Jill Adamy

Marie Bernard

Marjolaine Walker 

Lyn Crawcyzyk

Lisa Lahiff

Zoey Scarpelli

Maya I

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Happy Father's Day!


Hi everyone! It's Lisa here with you and I just wanted to start out today's blog post by wishing all of our gentlemen crafter's a very Happy Father's Day (whether you are a dad to kids or fur children or a pet rock...ha!) . This post is dedicated to all of you, and to those of you who support us crazy  dedicated crafters in our daily  shenanigans  struggles. :) My dad certainly knows that sentence is true about ME! 

Let me show you how I put today's Dad's Day card together:

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Art Journaling with Irit Landgraf


Hi! Irit here with my last project as part of the guest design team. It's been great and I thank Design Memory Craft for this opportunity! After making many scrapbook layouts I decided to play in my art journal.

I started with priming my page with gesso. This is a critical step for the techniques I will be using later and for easily blending the Gelatos®. Once my gesso was completely dry I added some stamping using an alpha stamp set and Stamper's Big Brush Pens.

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Mixed Media Mannequin


Mixed media and altered projects and It's Julia Stainton here today with a project  that combines vintage style with mixed media techniques to create an altered art piece.

For me, there's nothing quite as fun as adding layers of paint, pigment, gesso and paper together along with all kinds of bits and pieces. I've had this project on my project to do list for quite some time and I'm so excited to have finally gotten around to making it.

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Art Journaling Week 3 With Lisa

Art Journaling Banner 3

Hey everyone! And Happy Friday! It's Lisa with you today on the blog and it's MY turn to show what I've been doing during Week 3 during Art Journaling Month.

We're Embelling our art journals this week. So fun!

Just to remind you, I went on a trip to Colorado and that is what my Art Journal is all about. (My photos will be added later. Yes, insert  the dramatic music here. I figured it would be fun to see those last.)

I used the Paper Crafter Crayons™ on a few of my Journal pages to add a little extra texture. By simply shaving some of the crayon off, and putting it where I wanted it, I was then able to put a craft iron on top and add a little extra shot of color.


(With the image on the left I only used the Yellow Paper Crafter Crayons™ to highlight the center of the flower and on the image on the right I used a bunch to create a fun texture.)

I also wanted to create individual pages for certain stops of significance for me. Such as when I met my friend Carisa in Denver and when I stopped in Vail.

On these pages I want to highlight them with photographs and lots of fun things from the trip.


Yes, I was undercaffeinated for much of day one. It was not pretty (the gold in the "coffee stain stamp" is actually our Gold Texture Gems™). But, what WAS pretty was Vail. WOW!! That's why I want to make that page a focal using as much open space for photos as I can.  I used the "A" from my Colorado postcard (Day One) and stamped out some H's to spell "Ahhhhh" and then watercolored them in with my Art GRIP Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils in blue.

I also used quite a few of our Stencils from the Stencil 101 10-Ct Set to add dimension, as well. I used them with our Whipped Spackle, Chalkboard Paint, and the Texture Gems Ice™ for different effects on different pages.


Here's a better look at my pages (please remember there are back sides to each, but these have the letters):


Hope you've had fun this week with me and enjoy next week even more fir the FULL reveal! Have a wonderful weekend.

Additional Supplies:

Paper Crafter Crayons™

Stamper's Big White Pen

Texture Gems Ice™

Texture Gems Gold™

Texture Luxe Pearl™

Stencil 10-ct 101 Collection

Lisa Sig


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Art Journaling Week 3 with Tiffany



Hello Blogosphere! It's Tiffany here with Week 3 of our Art Journaling Month & this week we're featuring Embellishing techniques! For my video tutorial I'll be sharing various techniques using the Stamper's Big White Pen, PITT Artist Pens, and Paper Crafter Crayons™! I've also chosen to add some washi tape accents!

I hope you learned some new tricks and techniques! Last week was pretty intense with all those Gel Medium transfers & Stampendous Stamping Techniques, so this week I went back to my mood board to refocus. I highly recommend creating your own Mood Board! I like to use Pic Monkey.


Thanks for stopping by,


Faber-Castell© Design Memory Craft© Products:

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Art Journaling Month Week 3 with Rita



Art Journaling Banner 3


Hey artsy peeps, Rita Barakat here on week 3 of Art Journaling Month! I started this page with glaze in the top  right hand corner, with the Chevron stencil.  Remember my inspiration picture?

When I saw this store front I thought it would be fun to recreate it!

I recreated the shapes and did lots of coloring with Stampers Big Brush Pens!

Rita Barakat

Once I had everything colored in it was time to add some accents of my own and I reached for these stamps from Stampendous.

A perfect touch! I also added some dots with the White Stampers Big Brush Pen and I used Texture Gems ™ for the small accent lines and tiny dots. All that's left is some journaling! Make sure you check back next week to see the book in it's entirety!

Stencils 101
Square Journal Boards
Texture Gems ™ 
Stamper’s Big Brush Pens - black, white, cold grey, light blue, violet, light green



 April 2014 132100siggyb

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®, Deflecto, ColourArte and freelances for a variety of manufacturers





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