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Hi Loves,

Tiare here.  If I've got to come out of my art journal or off of my canvas, I love to make functional art. I still love books, physical books and I love bookmarks.  Here's one for you, that you can make to mark a spot in your favorite book.  Here's what I did using the Bible Journaling Kit. 

Faith Bookmark 2


Supplies Used:

Me in Pink

Tiare Smith is a mixed media/art journal artist and instructor. 


Bible Journaling with Faber Castell

Hey Design Memory Crafters!! I'm Lindsay with seeLINDSAY and I'm going to show you how easy it is to use the Bible Journaling Kit from Faber-Castell®.  Bible Journaling with Faber Castell-1-5

Bible journaling is one of the easiest ways to personalize your favorite scriptures. This kit is also essential because it comes with everything you need plus a booklet to sketch a picture out before you decide to put it in your scriptures. 

The Bible Journaling Kit includes 2 Gelatos® and 2 Gelatos highlighters, 2 PITT® Artist pens in gold and black, an artist sketch book, different die cuts and several stencils. I also used some Texture Luxe to  smear metallic colors on the bottom of the page. 

Bible Journaling with Faber Castell-1-4

I began by mixing some additional colors of Gelatos I had on hand with the ones included in the Bible Journaling Kit to get a pallet that I loved. I just smeared some on the page towards the bottom and used my blending tool to make it smooth. Once that was the tones I wanted, I added my Texture Luxe with a palette knife and just wiped it across the page. I saved a small area so that I could use the included stencil with the Texture Luxe as well.

Bible Journaling with Faber Castell-1-3

I layed down my stencil, once the Texture Luxe was dry, at the top of my page and started tracing it with the black PITT marker. I then mixed up some Gelatos with some Gel Medium and blended it together with my Palette Knife. I just started spreading it evenly over my included stencil and didn't care if I made the flowers two-toned or how they ended up look altogether. I wanted a real rustic look on this piece of my bible. I then removed the stencil and allowed it all to dry.

Bible Journaling with Faber Castell-1

I then used the black and gold PITT Artist Pens that were included in the Bible Journaling Kit and added the phrase "I will go, I will do". Now when I open my scriptures I have a sentiment that is near and dear to my heart that I have always loved. I have always loved these words and I strive to go and do when He would have me do. 


Gelatos, Ice Layers , Stencils and Mediums!!

2017-08-08 07.05.08

I enjoy the versatility of Design Memory Craft Gelatos®. Their vibrant color glides smoothly onto many surfaces like paper, canvas, and wood. Today I'm going to use them on a paper mache heart that I picked up at my local craft store.

2017-08-06 18.45.09

I started by giving my heart a coating of Gesso to lightly texture the surface and get it ready to accept the Gelatos®.

2017-08-06 18.47.19

After letting the Gesso dry a bit, I used my Gelatos® Brights to basically scribble on color.

2017-08-06 18.54.32

Next, I used the brush that came included in the Gelatos® set to brush over the color with water, creating a paint like effect.

2017-08-06 18.59.33

I wanted the color to be even more vivid, so once the wet layer dried, I went over it again with more of the Gelatos®, but this time I left it dry and blended it with my fingers.

2017-08-06 19.01.40

2017-08-06 19.06.37

To add more texture to my heart, I used Ice Layers - Bubbles and a darker Gelatos®.

2017-08-06 19.18.44

Using Black Cherry from the Steampunk Gelatos set and the Faith Mixed Media Paper Stencils pack, next I added a feather.

2017-08-06 19.23.17

To balance out the feather, I used the "Wander" stencil from Mixed Media Paper Stencils 304.

2017-08-06 19.23.30

At this point, I went back in with my Ice Layers and the Black Cherry Gelatos to create a bit more dimension.

2017-08-06 21.22.30

I sealed the heart with a coat of gel medium.

2017-08-06 21.27.39
2017-08-06 21.27.39

Once that was dry, I used my Stampers Big White Pen to do a bit of mark making.

2017-08-08 07.03.32

I added a bit more visual interest with a texture stamp from my stash before calling it complete.

2017-08-08 07.05.40

Thank you for joining me as I shared my Art from the Heart.

xo, Belen


Stamping with Iridescent Gelatos


Iridescent Gelatos® shimmer and catch the light, so when using them with a stamp to create a pattern, it instantly gives your pattern that shimmer. The first impression you make is the brightest, since it has the most color on it but the softer, later impressions are wonderful too. In the photo above, I bet you can tell which ones were stamped first.

Carolyn Dube here with a video showing how I stamped with the Iridescent Gelatos and water.

I chose a hand carved stamp to use. I could have added the color to the entire image, but I chose to just add it around the edges. Each time I do this, I get a slightly different look. How much Gelatos I add and how much water I use, all impact what the stamped image looks like.


 Using a spray bottle, I misted it with water and stamped.  The more water that is added the more of a watercolor look you get when stamping.  As the water gets used up, the stamping changes.  Notice how each of the 3 impressions get lighter and drier.


 Gelatos play nicely with each other so you can add more than one color to a stamp.  After the third stamping, it looked like all the color was off the stamp.  But no! It was the water that had run out.  When I misted it again generously, I was a able to get more impression.  These were softer than than the first ones and are ideal for a subtle background.
Stamping-gelatos-tutorial-carolyn-dube-2222222Thanks for stopping by for a bit of play today with stamps, Iridescent Gelatos, and water!

Negative Space Painting with Gelatos

Diana Trout here today with Negative Space Painting. If you're scratching your head right now, read on. NSP is easier to demonstrate than explain.

Finished Piece

The supplies I used for this piece

Canvas board 6" x 8"
Pastel Gelatos
Metallic Gelatos
Texture Gems
Awl (or other tool for scratching)
Paint Brush 
Pottery Sponge (or cosmetic wedge)

Finished Piece

Begin by creating a patchy background. I'm using the lightest of the Pastel Gelatos because I was thinking of a Fire Opal. No need to make a pattern on the background. Fill the canvas (or page) with color. I spread the color out with a damp sponge. For the best results, fill in the entire canvas. I added marks by scratching through the Gelatos with an awl.


You might use stencils as well. 

Finished Piece

You can see the scratches above. Let this dry and then put a couple of coats of Glaze over it. While Gelatos remain re-wettable, they do dry to the touch. Let the Glaze layer dry thoroughly.

Close Up neg ptg
It's time to begin the negative space painting. I used the Metallic Gelatos. They are super shiny and fun! (See my video linked at the end of this post for a swatch test.) You can use any shape you'd like or draw anything at all: leaves, flowers, house. I started with the Metallic Mint Gelatos and then, since I wanted the pastel shapes to really POP! I used darker colored Gelatos, like the Gold Champagne and Iced Chai.  

Close Up neg ptg

You can use various tools to spread the Metallic Gelatos around: a potter's sponge, paintbrush, the dense foam sponge and your fingers (just make sure to keep them clean). You'll have no problem retaining the pastel shapes since they've been preserved with the Glaze.

Close up tools for finish
A range of values and most importantly Dark and Light make your piece really sparkle. I used a PITT Artist Brush Pen to draw around around the circles. I didn't want a solid line so I followed the pen with a wet brush. PITT pens are permanent but if you catch them while they are wet, they will run. Yum

Pen water

Finally, I chose a Texture Gem in Pearl to create some more shiny light by creating dots all around each circle. 

Close Up neg ptg

Negative Space painting is a different way to think and create. I hope you'll try this and see for yourself. Enjoy!

Bringing Color To My To-Do List

2017-07-29 10.58.26DT
If you follow me on social media you know that I'm all about Living Life In Color. So any time that I can combine my passion for mixed media with my love of planning, I'm a happy girl. Today I used the new Essential Planner Pack, some Gelatos, the Modern Lettering Set, and a Stencil to add some color into travelers notebook.

Let me start by saying that I am no lettering artist. Sometimes I let that insecurity get the best of me and I shy away from lettering things. Well guess what... Not Today! Today I decided that I wasn't going to let that stop. And I gotta tell you, after adding some color and design elements to my page, my lettering isn't bothering me. Sometimes you just have to get out of your own way and Have Fun!

2017-07-29 09.31.34

I started by adding some color with Gelatos through a hexangonal stencil with a wedge sponge.

2017-07-29 09.35.11

I defined the shapes by tracing with one of the pens from the Modern Lettering Kit. As you can see, I was intentionally un-precise about it.

2017-07-29 10.14.59

Next came the lettering. I combined a Pitt Artist Pen S with the assortment of pens in the Lettering kit and gave my project a title.

2017-07-29 10.40.09

I used the stencils that come included in the Essential Planner Pack to add boxes that I could check off as I completed my various tasks. I love checking things off a to-do list!

2017-07-29 10.41.01
Also included in the Planner Pack are 3 triangular highlighter pencils, perfect for calling attention to those extra important items or tasks still in progress.


2017-07-29 10.41.46
2017-07-29 10.41.46

I really like that the shape of the pencils makes them comfortable to use and stops them from rolling off your desk.

2017-07-29 10.43.32

I had some stickers in my stash so I added those to my page as well.

2017-07-29 10.59.26DT

I traced a few more symbols onto my page to add a bit more visual interest and called it done. Gelatos, Stencils, Pitt Pens and the Essential Planner Pack brought it all together, wonky lettering and all, to give me a colorful, vibrant page that helps make tacking my to do list all the more enjoyable.

2017-07-29 10.54.29

Wishing you a wonderful week full of color!

xo, Belen




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Altered Shipping Tags

2017-07-22 01.00.10

I love creating tags to include in happy mail that I send out to friends and even just to hang in my studio for added extra inspiration. Today I'll show you how I created these vibrant and deliciously grungy tags in just a few minutes.

2017-07-21 23.23.47
I started by giving my tags a coat of Gesso.

2017-07-21 23.47.59

Once the gesso was dry I used my Gelatos Brights to randomly add color. 

2017-07-21 23.57.46
2017-07-21 23.57.46
 I applied a deep blue Gelatos through a stencil  for the Stencils 101 Collection and then grunged it up by lifting off some of the color with a wet baby wipe.

2017-07-22 00.08.43

At this point I decided that I wanted to add some dimension to my tags so I used the same stencil, but this time I applied Whipped Spackle through it, using the Palette Knife from the Gelatos Tool Set and let that dry.

2017-07-22 00.29.43
2017-07-22 00.29.43

I rubbed that same blue Gelatos to my craft mat, misted lightly with water, and brushed it over the dried Spackle using the Stipple Brush from the Gelatos Tool Set. I set that aside to dry and started on my other tag.

2017-07-22 00.11.57
2017-07-22 00.11.57

For this tag I used a diamond shaped stencil and applied blue Gelatos through it. To add some highlights, I also added some white.

2017-07-22 00.49.12

To create uniformity between the two tags, I added a few more elements to them with the other stencil, this time using purple from the Steampunk Gelatos set. Once that was done, I added a bit of perfectly imperfect penwork using Pitt Artist Pens and a Stampers Big White Pen.

2017-07-22 00.57.54

To finish off my tags, I added some colorful ribbon and a sentiment to each. To make the sentiment pop, I outlined it using my Brush nib pen from the Essential PITT Artist Pen set

2017-07-22 14.09.49
2017-07-22 14.09.49
Now all that was left to do was to mail them out to hopefully brighten someones day!

xo, Belen





Using Faber Castell Gelatos with Stencils

I am so honored to be able to be on the Core Design Team 2017-2018. My name is Lindsay and I blog at seeLINDSAY. I love to show how easy things are to accomplish and that you don't need a lot of tools to get a great craft or recipe. Today I am going to show you how to use the Faber-Castell® Gelatos® with their coordinating stencils. Something so easy, you'll wonder why you didn't try it before.
How to use Faber Castell Stencils (1 of 1)

How to use Faber Castell Stencils (1 of 1)-2

Begin by unwrapping your stencil and choosing your design. I chose the Honeycomb stencil and I used washi tape to help adhere it to the surface before I began mixing my Gelatos. Take your whipped spackle and use a marble size amount and now just spread your Gelatos next to the spackle on your palette. The warmer your Gelatos, the easier it will spread. I mixed 3 different colors with 3 different bits of spackle. How to use Faber Castell Stencils (1 of 1)-3
Once your color and your spackle are mixed, used your palette knife and spread it over the stencil onto your wood. When you're adhering your stencil, be sure to place it as secure as it can be so that no spackle will go under your image. Lift up your stencil and set aside to dry. How to use Faber Castell Stencils (1 of 1)-4
Seriously, that's it. It's so simple and gives your project such great dimension. I'm excited to put these chevron arrows into my boy's room. They've been sitting in the garage for 2 years cause I wanted to do something more than just arrows. Now with my Gelatos and stencils they finally have the look I was going for. How to use Faber Castell Stencils (1 of 1)-6
I hope you'll find inspiration in this project.

How to use the Modern Lettering Kit in your art journals


Every task gets easier if you have the right tools. The Modern Lettering Kit from Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® is a set of four pens designed to take your hand lettering to the next level. No, it's not a miracle product - you still have to practice your writing, but you'll notice significant difference in your lettering, drawing and mark-making with the use of these India Ink pens!

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a video tutorial to show you some ways to use the Modern Lettering Kit in your art journals. But before we start, here's a list of the supplies I used for my project.


Faber- Castell Design Memory Craft -

Other -

I hope you enjoyed the video tutorial!