Autumn is in the Air with Jen Matott



Hello Artsy friends!  It's that time of year when the air grows crisp with cool weather and pumpkin everything!  I created this page with that in mind!

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Mixed Media Magnets by Sylwia (TandiArt)


Hello Arty Souls!

Sylwia here with simple but cute project- mixed media magnets:) Use bright colours, add your favourite words and have fun!

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Ustream Recap


Missed last night's Ustream class?  No problem! You can still catch the video here.

Thank you to everyone who logged in for the class!  It was really interesting to see how many of you are already working on your Christmas projects:)  Maybe we'll do a customized gift project for our next class?  What would you like to see us make?  Let us know and we'll do a class for the most popular vote!

And now onto the winner for last night's Ustream class...congratulations to @Mekofosho! Thanks for being a part of our class last night!

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Ustream Class with Jen Matott


Are you on the lookout for a new DIY accessory?  Join us tonight at 9PM EST on Ustream to learn how to make this adorable necklace with Jen Matott! 

This class will be using a combination of the Gelatos, Stamper's Big Brush Pens, and embellishments.

RSVP here:

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Blog Hop with Linnie Blooms, Day 3 with Mou


Thanks for stopping by our blog hop with Linnie Blooms!  We'll be sharing easy, mixed media projects this week.  To enter in our giveaway, make sure to stop by each day and leave a comment.  One winner will receive $50 in Design Memory Craft products.  The giveaway will end on 9/27.  Good luck!

Hey everyone, Mou here with today's hop project and it's a banner!

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Linnie Blooms Blog Hop with Rita Barakat

Hey Creatives Rita Barakat here! Thanks for stopping today I am excited to sharing my project on this blog hop with Linnie Blooms!  To enter in our giveaway, make sure to stop by each day and leave a comment. One winner will receive $50 in Design Memory Craft products. The giveaway will end on 9/27. Good luck!

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Linnie Blooms Blog Hop with Jen


Hi, Artsy friends! Thanks for stopping by our blog hop with Linnie Blooms! We'll be sharing easy, mixed media projects this week. To enter in our giveaway, make sure to stop by each day and leave a comment. One winner will receive $50 in Design Memory Craft products. The giveaway will end on 9/27. Good luck!

I have a fun and easy project for you using Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft products with Linnie Blooms Mixed Stitched Media Products.  I used Linnie Blooms 5 x 7 canvas sheet, Sunflower, Petal Flower, and Leaves in two sizes.

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An Art Journal page and winners of September Take the Challenge

Hi blog friends, Mou here with today's post and it's an art journal page!

As my oldest is getting closer to turning into a teenager, I hear about a lot of peer pressure for conformity, generic expectations and stress over acceptance vs. being true to yourself. From her choices of clothing to friends, after-school activities, choice of music and the list goes on while she weighs her options and balances authenticity with social acceptance. We have all been there and we know that at times it's hard to say 'no' to popular choices in favor of what we know to be right for us in the long run. It's the dilemma of fitting in and standing out. As she enters this realm of choices that she has to be responsible for, I try to encourage and remind her that it's important to remain true to herself and that these choices might alienate some people but not those who are truly meant to be her friends, I also try to validate that it is easier said than done and the pressure is real but it get easier as she grows older, wiser and more confident of her choices. From all those conversations with her, sprung this art journal page.

It is somewhat symbolic to me. The little triangles are like little obstacles that surround all of us. But they are not so big that we can't overcome or work around them. To translate that feeling into tangible texture, I applied Whipped Spackle through a triangle stencil. I used a heat tool to dry the texture medium and to introduce a few bubbles into it to create a bumpy texture.

From another perspective, the triangles are arrows pointing a certain way to look forward to. They are also like stepping stones guiding the way once you can rise above the small stuff and take a look at the bigger picture! The colors all around are using Gelatos colors.

Then there's the quote that says it all! I handlettered it with Stamper's Big Brush pen BLACK to make it stand out on a busy background.

Supplies used:

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Textural Accents and Tools:

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos®: Gelatos Designer Colors - 50's Diner 

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Stamper's Big Brush Pen BLACK

Others: Art journal, heat tool

And now, the winners of September 2015 Take the Challenge with Mou...

1. Paper Therapy Ponderings  said...

here is the link to my project
Barb Housner

6:36 AM

[Barb Housener posts her links and comments on my personal blog as she can't post on Typepad due to technical issues]

2. So glad that I can start joining in the fun again.  Here's my work :  Thank you for looking!

Posted by: Vanessa | 09/09/2015 at 06:10 AM

Congrats Barb and Vanessa!  And thanks everyone who joined in this month :)

Winners, please get in touch with Naoko for your prizes. Email her [] with September 2015 Take the Challenge winners on the subject line.

Will see you all next month with another creative challenge :)

I Love You-Sweet steampunk layout with video by Valerie Ouellet


Hi everyone!

I'm back with a sweet steampunk layout. I used the new Gelatos® Steampunk kit. I love the mix of colors of this kit.

First, I made a watercolor background with Gelatos® Snowcone, Cotton Candy, Aqua Dolce. After, I sticked some pieces of paper to create dimensions behind the photo. I added a little bit of gesso white with spatula.

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Watercolor Layout with Gelatos Double Scoop


Hello Crafters!

Zoey here, and I want to show you an easy layout I made using Gelatos® Double Scoop® !
The reason why I am obsessed with Gelatos® Double Scoop® is the fact that they are bigger than normal Gelatos®, this not only mean that they will last longer, but they also have a bigger surface that I can use as color palette..and it is perfect for me as I love to use the brush straight on the top of the Gelatos®

I started by adding Whipped Spackle through one of the new Stencils 10ct 201 Collection. I didn't want a bulk effect, so I carefully removed the excess of Whipped Spackle.
Whipped Spackle is so soft that it will be so easy to add it to your project!

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