A CHA Scrapbook by Mahe Zehra

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Hello everyone! It is with great sadness that I am writing this - my last blog post - as part of the Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® mguest design team. It has been such an awesome three months! I have met some amazing artists and learnt so much from them. I have discovered the true potential of the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft products as I have tried to push their boundries as well as my own. It has been a great learning experience and I am so glad I got to do this!

Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to go to CHA - The Craft and Hobby Association mega show. The show is full of inspiration with arts and crafts manafacturers coming from all over theworld to showcase their products. There are also many workshops to learn from and the topics range from business to creating art to getting published in magazines.

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A new year, a new journal & the winners of Take the Challenge with Mou


Hi everyone, Mou here with today's post!

It's a new year and a great time to start a new creative venture. I'm starting a sketch journal.

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Spread Your Wings Card




Hi everyone! Lisa here with you today. And I'm happy to be back after being gone at CHA. It's always so fun to be there showing all the exciting new products for everyone, but it sure is awesome to be home.

So, now that I'm home I thought it would be fun to share a few of the new products with YOU! Just a little card, but it will give you an idea of what you have to look forward to. :)

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{INSPIRE} mixed media journal cover...


 Happy New Year everyone!!  I hope your start of 2015 has been a great one so far!  One final post from me before this design term is up!  I created a cover for a mixed media journal.  The word 'Inspire' has to be one of my favourite words!  I am always inspired by art, and others so it was fitting to have it on the front of this journal cover.  

Here's a little rundown of how it came to be...

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Miniature Heart Garland with DeeDee Catron

DeeDee Catron - Mini Heart Garland

Hi everyone! DeeDee here today.. for my REAL last post. I can't believe I made that mistake, thinking the last post I did for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft was my last. That's okay though! I get to show you one more fun technique that's a favorite of mine! Today I turned the technique into this cute miniature heart garland.

We're going to go through this tutorial in video format, so please join me to see just how I created this garland: 



Great watercolor effect, no? And I just love how you can use the Big Brush Pens, dry them, and then keep adding color on top, like the Gelatos! 

DeeDee catron - Mini heart garland2

Faber Castell / Design Memory Craft supplies:
Gelatos® Double Scoop® - Guava (#770250)
Gelatos® Double Scoop®  - Bubble Gum (#770251)
Gelatos® Double Scoop®  - Red Cherry (#770252)
Gelatos® Double Scoop® - Metallic Melon (#770267)
Stamper's Big Brush Pen COLD GREY III (#770011)

Other supplies:
VLVS! Music Sheet Background Stamp
Assorted ephemera, tags, sewing machine, thread, watercolor paper

Thanks again a MILLION times over for having me here as a guest on your blog! ♥ I've thoroughly enjoyed inspiring you and hope to see you around. 

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How deep is your love?

Hi, it's Baerbel from Germany with my last post as a guest designer this fall/winter 2014. Like my fellow guest design mates I want to thank Faber-Castell for this opportunity. During my latest visit to the area of Nuernberg, Germany, I visited the family castle of Faber-Castell. Yes, there really is a castle! And it is stunningly beautiful. If you ever come to Germany, don't forget to plan a visit.

Asking about how deep your love is comes to a complete different level today. I created custom three-dimensional letters with supplies from my craftroom and some basic supplies from Design Memory Craft Faber-Castell.

Those letters are as deep as craft foam can be if you layer them. So it is up to you this time, how deep this 'love' is.

Please watch my video and learn how to make your own lettering. If you do not own any dies, you may cut letters by hand in a less detailled shape.


Thank you for your patience with my language and for spending some time on the Design Memory Crafts blog, it has been a pleasure to me.


Use the inspiration for Valentines Day or any other occasion to say thanks to a loved one.

After finishing the canvas I added some fancy ribbon to create a nice edge for the canvas and a hanger for my artwork.


Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Supplies:


Glass Bead Glitter Gel

Bubble Gum Gelatos® Double Scoop®

Red Cherry Gelatos® Double Scoop®

Raspberry Gelatos® Double Scoop®

Other supplies:

glue, craft foam, tissue paper,

brush, canvas, letter dies (Sizzix)

ribbon from May Arts Ribbons


While waving goodbye I send you a picture of the Faber-Castell castle. Stay save and creative. Baerbel



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Live CHA Updates- Day 3 and Wrap up

8:45 am- woke up to rain today. But it's still pretty nice. Getting ready for the CHA buyer hours (the buyer hours go from 9-11)

11am- Charity Wings in the house! Image


11:37- Ready for the rest of our new products? Here it is! We're releasing three new Gelatos packs: Bali, Manhattan and Macaron. You may have also noticed that we're launching these in a new clear barrel. i LOVE how sophisticated it looks now:)



And one of my personal favorites, three new 15ct. sets- Brights, Pastels, and Metallics.


Ever wanted fabulous, metallic paste that can be used in mixed media? Now we've got it! The Texture Luxe is available in Silver, Gold and Pearl. The Pearl looks amaaaazing when tinted with Gelatos. Image

Texture Gems- these are liners that are great for embellishing. The three count comes in a set of Gold, Silver and Pearl, and the single count is available in Ice (this one is a clear liner). Image

We're also launching two sets of Mixed Media Stencils. These are great for mixed media. Once you've used them a couple of times, use the stencil as a background embellishment! Image

Texture Cards! We've been receiving great responses to this product! They basically look like credit cards with a jagged pattern on the end. Scrap it through any of our mediums to get a perfect finish. Image

12:08PM-Visited Design Team member, Rita Barakat at the Designers in Action showcase.  This is basically a place where top designers create crafts, and showcase different techniques that they like to use.   IMG_5338

Loved her display area too!! Isn't it gorgeous?


2:02pm- Lunch!! Here's why I love eating at trade show lunch areas- you bump into the people you don't expect to see. Today I saw our fabulous Guest Designer, Tonya Gibbs:)

















 Here's a couple more pictures of the show- it's hard to believe the carpet wasn't even laid until the day before the show (in fact, it wasn't even done when I left at 5PM the day before!) 


6:40pm- Team dinner!  


From left to right: Eric (Sales Manager), Jen (Designer), Limor(Designer), Lisa (Designer), Kathleen (Product Development), Tammie (DMC Sales Manager), Jamie (CEO), Tonya (DMC Brand Manager), Tina (Product Development), Christa (DMC Assistant Brand Manager), Naoko (Marketing Communications Coordinator and the writer of this post;)).  

I'm heading back to Cleveland tomorrow so today will be the last day of the live updates, but please be sure to ask us any questions you might have here at or at @DesignMemCraft.  


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Live CHA Updates Day 2 #CHA2015

6:49am- Good Morning y'all!  This is really one of the few times I'll be wide awake at 6:49am (don't judge...I definitelyl fit into the category of a night owl:) ).  We've got a busy day ahead of us including our workshop tonight, so follow this post for updates, or follow us on twitter at @DesignMemCraft for live updates! For those of you who missed our first post, our goal for this show is to give you an uncensored recap of everything that happens behind the scenes at CHA.  You can read more about it here

Also, this is making me really happy today:) Hoho. 




9:37- Ok, here's our first launch!  We're relaunching the Gelatos in a clear barrel!  Doesn't this look much more sophisticated? Plus, we have new colors coming out...more on that in a minute.



10:02- New launch part 2!  Texture cards.  These credit card shaped texture cards are perfect for adding dimension to your mixed media crafts.  Available in a set of 8.





10:40- There's been a bit of a blank between my last post- our Make'n Take table has been swamped- looking good so far! :)


11:16- Look at who stopped by the booth!  Our ab fab guest designers!!!  I want to take this time to give a shout out to all of the designers who have guest designed for us.  Thank you- you guys are all amazing and it's been an honor to work with all of you.


11:40- Taking a little breather to check out our booth.  Loving how clean it looks this year (the base of our booth is always the same, but we like to switch things around.)



2:03- Ever wonder how we all store our stuff at the booth?  Well, we started to get a little creative...


5:45- Omgggg look at this line for our workshop!!



6:06- and it's a full house!!!




7:49- I lOVE how she made a plastic apron!  Perfect for mixed media classes:)


8:05- Annnnd the final result:O  It looks so gorgeous!!!!


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Live CHA Updates #CHA2015

If you missed our previous post about live updates, check it out here.  Our goal here is to give you a detailed look behind everything that happens at CHA, so if you have any questions about anything, tweet us at @DesignMemCraft and use the hashtag #CHA2015.  

8:16AM- Currently in the waiting area at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport.  Feeling really psyched for warmer weather:)



2:01- Got to Anaheim! And it's looking great:) Image

2:45- The Design Memory Craft team breaking for a late lunch. Image

3:30- A picture of our unfinished booth! After days of hard work by Christa Alaburda (the Assistant Brand Manager), Tammie Wilson (Sales Manager) and Tonya Lutz (Brand Manager), it's looking good!


3:32- Finding extra spatulas...life is glamorous;) Image

4:00- Clean up! It's interesting to note that CHA has two sets of storage areas- one that you can access during the show, and another that you can't access until the show ends. This skid is going to the 'unaccessible' storage. Image
5:30- At the Designers sneak peek! So nice to see all the lovely ladies- thanks for stopping by our table! Here's a picture of me classing it up with our fabulous designer, Rita Barakat.  Image


8:22- Dinner/Dancing at the CHA Block Party!  People were dancing to Taylor Swift's Shake it Out!


I think this is it for Day 1- see you all tomorrow!  

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Behind the Scenes at CHA


Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at CHA?  Well, this year we decided to do something different and we'll be sharing ALL of the details- not just some regular sporadic posts, but actual details on what goes on behind the scenes at CHA.  

NaokoAnd we won't be all corporate on you either:) You'll be seeing all the details through my eyes.  And who am I, you may ask?  My name is Naoko Ohno and I'm the Marketing Communications Coordinator here at Faber-Castell USA.  We're headquartered in the sunny ( and currently -1F) Cleveland OH so we'll all be flying to California for this show.  

To follow our live tweets, follow us at @DesignMemCraft or just follow this post.  Don't forget to use the hashtag #CHA2015!  






If you're new to the craft industry, you may be asking, what exactly is CHA? CHA stands for Craft and Hobby Association, and they're the organizers of the biggest trade show in the craft industry.  The winter show in particular is the motherload of all the shows- it's where all craft manufacturers gather to strut their best.  So needless to say, most manufacturers (including us) prepare months in advance.  

 If you're interested and/or have any questions about anything we're doing, tweet us at @DesignMemCraft with the hashtag, #CHA2015! 


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MIX & MATCH from Faber-Castell makes designing with COLOR simple. Choose a color set that inspires you. Choose a medium. Mix & Match as you create. Color coordinated palettes give you the freedom to design your project knowing the colors & mediums will work beautifully together.

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