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NEW Color Fizz™

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There are SO many amazing Design Memory Crafts products that have just recently been released, including the very bright and fun Color Fizz™ watercolor tablets! Hello, my name is Rachel Kleinman and I am addicted to bright colors! 

The very best way to see this wonderful product in action is by video, so I've put together a quick 2 minute demonstration which you can view here... enjoy!

But seeing some still photos of how these pigmented fizzing dissolving tablets work is cool too.

2017-03-30 19.35.07

To get the best fizzing action you will need to use hot water. I just microwaved some water (be careful because yes it's HOT!) and used a spray bottle and a paintbrush to drop the hot water onto the tablets.

2017-03-30 19.35.07

As the tablet dissolves it also pops out little spots of color so you get a cool speckled look along with the saturated pigment.

2017-03-30 19.35.07

So fizzy... and yes it makes a very satisfying fizz sound so you know it's working ;)

2017-03-30 19.39.23

Once my watercolor paper dries I'll be using these beautiful papers as a base for tags, ATCs, index cards, and especially for stamped images. Thanks for joining us and I sure hope you give the Color Fizz™ tablets a try!



Color Fizz™ - Champagne Bright

Color Fizz™ - Pop

Collapsible Water Cup


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