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Hi! It's Laura Bray and today I want to talk stickers. I'm a child of the 1980's and I collected stickers. Every week, I would walk to the store (by myself, crossing two busy streets...my how times have changed!) and would purchase new stickers for my collections. Glitter stickers were always a huge favorite.  Today I'm going to show you how to make glittery stickers of your own using the new line of Iridescent Gelatos®. This would be a great project for tweens.

Planner Page with Stickers
To make your own stickers, you need some sheets of sticker paper. You can find this at your local office supply store. There are sheets with shapes already scored, but I prefer to buy the plain sheets and cut out my own stickers.

Begin by applying the Gelatos® to the sticker sheet, I recommend using dry application methods to ensure that you don't compromise the sticky backing of the paper. I simply scribbled some color onto the front part of the sheet (this is the side that doesn't have the shiny paper that protects the sticker backing) and then took a foam wedge and rubbed the color in. Be generous with the color so that you get the full color experience! Plus there's more sparkle that way!

Step One

Step Two
Once you are happy with your color design, use a paper punch to cut out your stickers. I have paper punches shaped like stars, hearts and scalloped circles, so I used those. If you don't have punches, just cut out your shapes by hand. To take your stickers up a notch, use a Pitt® Artist Pen and either doodle all over the sheet before you punch the shapes or add little doodles and words after you punch the shapes.

Stickers paper with punches

One sheet will produce a lot of stickers! This would be a fun project for a party. Have everyone make their own stickers and then they can trade them! You can use your stickers to decorate mail, planners, school work, mixed media projects and more.

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Great idea. I did something like this by drawing a picture and coloring in on a whole sheet of stickers and then just pulling off the ones in the middle to use.

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