Sparkly Iced Pear Frame

Quilted Mug Rug

Mug Rug Main Beauty Shot
Hi! It's Laura Bray, here to share a cute (and literal) project using the Gelatos color of the week, Iced Pear!

Winter is in full force here in the Pacific Northwest and I am drinking copious amounts of hot tea to stay warm. But I've found that just tea isn't enough to warm the chill-I need to be surrounded with coziness to truly get warm and, a sweet, quilted mug rug for my tea cup, is the perfect cozy accessory for tea time. Here's how to make your own fabric art to include in your next mug rug quilting project.

Beauty Shot
To create the fabric art, I took a 4.5" inch x 4.5" square of white canvas fabric and, using a pencil, I drew two pears in the center of the fabric. Then I colored my drawing with Gelatos®. The main color of the pears is Iced Pear (naturally!), then I added highlights with Coconut and gave the pears some depth with Lime. The leaves are colored in with Lime as well. I used Squid Ink to create the shadows.

The best way I've found to use Gelatos® on fabric is to color directly onto the fabric, then use a damp sponge or paper towel to rub the color into the fabric. Allow it to dry completely and heat set it with an iron. Be sure to place a pressing cloth over the image when heat setting.

To complete the fabric artwork, I used Big Brush pens in May Green and Walnut Brown to outline the pear and color the stems.

Once your artwork is complete, use your favorite mug rug quilt pattern to create a unique quilted tea accessory. These would make lovely gifts for someone with a winter cold. You can even make one big enough to place a nice, warm bowl of soup on.




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This is so cute and the pom pom trim is so cute.

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