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Hello Artists! It's Laura Bray coming to you with some cute Valentine's Day Cards. This week's Color of the Week, Metallic Icing, is the perfect Gelatos® color for making Valentine's Cards. The best way to use Metallic Icing, in my opinion, is to think of it as literal "icing" on your paper projects. It creates a shimmering effect when applied to paper and over other Gelatos® colors, in the same way that sugar icing gives sugar cookies a little sparkle. Be sure you use it on white paper too! It gives it a subtle shimmer that you will love.

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My daughter makes her school valentines every single year. She's become kind of famous with the moms of the kids in her classes. Some of them have actually come up to her and asked if they could one of her yearly valentines even when their child isn't in her class anymore! Today's cards are simple enough for a child to do for their school valentines and they can be made in bulk, so they are perfect for homemade valentine making.

To start, gather some card stock or watercolor paper and create some backgrounds. The Gelatos®colors I like best for Valentine's Day are:

To make the backgrounds, you can use any of the Gelatos® techniques you have seen on this blog. For ours, we used a lot of the techniques I shared in this video. Make a few sheets, then set them aside to dry. Once the bright colors are dry, don't forget to add some Metallic Icing randomly to the backgrounds to ensure that your cards have sweet sparkle.

Once the backgrounds are dry, cut out squares or rectangles for your cards. You can make them as large or as small as you want. My bigger cards measure 3.25" x 4.25" and my smaller cards are 2" x 2", a perfect size for school valentines! With scissors or a paper punch, cut out some heart shapes. You can add extra sparkle to the hearts with Texture Gems™ and Glass Bead Glitter Gel. Once the hearts embellishments are dry, glue them onto the cards. This project allows for a lot of creativity and each card can be different with very little effort.

Here's a list of supplies to put out, then just let the kids create!

Gelatos® in the colors mentioned above

Texture Gems™ 3ct. Metallics

Glass Bead Glitter Gel

Card stock or watercolor paper

Scissor and/or paper punches

Paper craft glue




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