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Make a Unique Clothesline Bowl

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Hi! It's Laura Bray and I'm so excited to show another fun project today! Clothesline or rope bowls are all the rage in the craft world right now. They are sewn using inexpensive clothesline that you can buy at your local hardware store or cording from the craft store. Today, I wanted to share a beautiful way to make this simple craft project into a work of art using Gelatos® and Pitt® Big Brush Artist Pens.

Make a rope basket

Step One: Make a clothesline bowl. There are videos and tutorials all over the internet right now. I'll admit that I was a little afraid to make one, but I was amazed by how easy they are to make! You simply start by rolling a small section of cord into a flat circle. Then stitch that piece by going across it a few times on your sewing machine. Use the zig zag stitch on your sewing machine and continue wrapping the cord around around your circle, catching the sides of the rope with your stitch. When you are ready to start building the sides, just tilt the circle of rope slightly and keep going until it's the depth you want. Trust me, it works like magic and it's VERY addicting!

Step Two: Once your bowl is created, it's time to personalize it. I decided I wanted to embellish the inside of my bowl with fabric flowers, so I used Pitt® Artist Pens to draw leaves and flowers onto canvas fabric and then filled in the drawings with Gelatos®. I blended the Gelatos® into the fabric with a foam wedge. 

Step IA

Step 1B

Step 1C

Of course I used this week's color of the week, Gelatos® in Margarita Mix. It's a great yellow-green!

Step Three: Once you are done drawing your flowers onto the fabric, cut them out, arrange them onto the clothesline bowl and then glue them down.

Step 2a

Step Four: Apply Gelatos® in Margarita Mix and Black Licorice around the edge of the bowl to make a striped pattern.

Step 3

Last Beauty


Gelatos® Tool Set

Gelatos® Margarita Mix , Black Licorice , Snow Cone , Watermelon

Pitt® Artist Pens Big Brush in May Green, Cobolt Green, Pink Madder Lake, and Walnut Brown

Sewing machine and thread


Canvas fabric

 I hope you will try out this fun craft ! Don't forget to come and visit me on my blog too!

Bio Photo Laura Bray

Siggie in black copy



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great project!!


I haven't seen these bowls but it's such a fun and practical craft. Love the flowers you added.

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