Gelatos® Double Scoops® storage with Rita
Think with your hands

Halloween mini book



This is my last work as a member of Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Guest Design Team.

Today, I'd like to share the way of making the moon and the night sky.


1.I painted Mini Journal Boards with Chalk Board Paint.


2.Mixed Gel Medium and Glass Bead Glitter Gel, painted the Journal Boards with it.




Next is how to make the moon.

I think that it is hard to show work scenery if the moon is small.

Therefore I would like to explain the process with  the big moon.


3. Draw a crescent moon on the paper using drawing-compass.

 Paint the crescent moon with Gesso and dry it.




4. Paint the entire surface with Gelatos® Double Scoop® Gold Shampagne.




5. Create  texture with Whipped Spackle and dry it.




6. Express the shadow and the design on the moon's surface  using  Gelatos®(Mango,Black, Butterscotch, Chocolate)




 I  think that  can express the real moon when I add the texture and the shadow.



 I make the small moon and stars with the same process.






 A girl sits down on the swing of the crescent moon.

This is the cover of the Halloween  minibook.

I think that can  utilize how to make this moon when I make the works of Christmas and  summer .



Faber Castell Design Memory Craft ® supplies 

Mini Journal Boards

Chalkboard Paint

 Glass Bead Glitter Gel

 Gel Medium


Gelatos® Double Scoop® Gold Shampagne, Butterscotch , Chocolate, Black Licorise, Mango)

Gelatos Tool Set



I am proud that I was able to be active as a member of this guest design team for these several months.

It  was very exciting, enjoyable that I  have made the works with many products of Faber Castell Design Memory Craft

I want to express my glatitude to Naoko and the amazing team members.

And I appreciate all of you stopping by my post of the Designe Memory Craft Blog .









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Madoka, another fabulous project - beautiful way to bring out the "night" background! I enjoyed being on the same GDT with you!! Many thanks for the inspiration you shared with everyone :) I loved every one of your projects <3 Keep creating...I look forward to them xo

Linsey R

What a fabulous project Madoka! Your moon looks absolutely stunning and very realistic! So much dimension, it's really wonderful! Thank you for sharing the process and for sharing your inspirational creations!!! I hope you keep a blog so I can continue to see all your wonderful projects!!! Hugs! :)

Madoka Kinosada

Thanks Margie!

Madoka Kinosada

Thank you,Linsey!
I'm very happy♡


Absolutely fabulous moon!

Carol Mc

Fabulous project. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

sherry butcher

Just to cute, love the colors and work you do. TFS.

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