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Glorious Gelatos and a Canvas


It was time to create but I had no mojo.  You see I have been busy planning my very first public showing of my art, an all day crop, as well as a visit from a dear friend.  Planning hasn't left much time for creativity.  This day was particularly busy, but I had to get something created for my Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® post.  Well, what is a girl to do???

I go to my studio and the thought process begins.  I grab a canvas and the new Gelatos® Steampunk .  I knew I wanted to use the Gelatos® Black Cherry for the  flowers.  Creativity begins.  As I create, I am not too sure how this is going to turn out.  Not so sure I like it.  However, as I continue, blending and smoothing edges with water and my fingers, adding shading and light, I begin to like it more and more. To my surprise on this day, I'm feeling like, "Wow, sometimes when I do not want to create, I am able to create something more beautiful than when I do want to create."  LOL!  It's a fun and silly thought and for me it's true...just for this moment.  

I am feeling happy and stress free.  Feeling grateful for being on the summer design team, for it has given me direction and a reason to create and relax.  So perfect, for an otherwise busy day.  Here it is.  The not so cute start and the awesome finish. 

FC August Start

FC August Canvas

Supplies used:

Gelatos® Steampunk Collection

Gelatos® Double Scoop® Champagne

White acrylic paint

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Have an AMAZING day!

TiareHi!  I am Tiare Smith.  I am an avid mixed media artist and art journal enthusiast and scrapbooker.   I have the most wonderful supportive husband and family.  No children or pets.  I find inspiration in everything around me from items in my own home and yard, to things I see on a leisurely stroll, to people, shapes and items found in a store, restaurant or museum.  Inspiration is endless!    I find joy learning, growing and sharing my passion with others.  Providing ideas and information you can use!

Currently, I host a weekly online art pajama party, as well as online workshops and on-site classes.   I spend time creating daily and I encourage others to embrace their art daily, as well. 

I am hosting the AMAZING Embrace Your Art Crop and Cruise coming Fall 2015.  

You can learn more about me on my blog: http://www.tiaresmith.com 

Let's stay connected. Find me on...

Twitter - http://twitter.com/iamclassygirl



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it turned out very beautiful - sometimes you have to force yourself out of your creative funks - glad you could make it happen


This piece looks amazing. I love it. Thanks for sharing,

WOW - LOVE IT Tiare!!!
It is wonderful how creativity happens!!!
I REALLY LOVE the colours and design. ... I'm thinking that maybe I have been putting my Gelatos down too thick and will have to experiment some more, YES, a good excuse for me to search out the Steampunk set :)

Very nice! I love the colors!

Oh gracious! That is a stunning work of art! I love that it came upon you without any inspiration whatsoever but simply from somewhere within you--no planning....I love it. :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations and lovely posts. I find much inspiration and enjoyment from visiting daily. Hugs!

Beautiful piece! I loved how you shared your process.
Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Your project is wonderful. More awesome than the project is the confidence you exude as you continue on this path. You continue to demonstrate just how secure you are in the process and optimist about the final presentation. We all learn so much from you. The process provides an awesome journey. Not sure which is more rich... the name "Gelato Black Cherry" oh, it feels so good on the tongue. Or, the depth of the color presented in the flowers. How do you manage to give us vibrancy, yet a muted pallet simultaneously? I think this deserves a You Tube tutorial. What say you? And, just in case I didn't convey the brilliance and impact of this piece...I LUV IT!

Beautiful work!

OMG this is breathtaking! I have to learn this technique. Please keep creating and posting

Turned out beautiful Tiare!!!

This is lovely....I just love Gelatos...They really look great on canvas.


Beautiful, love that deep purple on the flowers. Need to get me more Gelatos.

What a beautiful creation, Tiare! I will have to try this new set of gelatos. TFS>

Tiare, these flowers are amazing!! I love gelatos and I love this new steampunk collection!! Said I wasn't going to spend another dime! Now I have to practice YOUR FLOWERs with My gelatos.. before I go get this NEW PACK of GELATOS!! lol Thank YOU for the CONSISTENT inspiration :)!!!

It's gorgeous, Tiare! I really need to do something about getting that Steampunk collection!

This is beautiful. I'm going to have to play with my Gelatos some more.

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