Glorious Gelatos and a Canvas
{the pink elephant}

Gelatos® Art Journaling


Hi crafry peeps! Teresa here, I'm really loving the art journaling trend. The thing I love most is the freedom I feel when I'm working on a page that's one of many pages in a journal. There is no pressure to get it right the first time, because if it doesn't quite work out the way I imagined, there's always another day and another page. It's all about playing, and enjoying the process rather than producing a completed article.

This post is about four pages in a little album. I used the Mini Journal Boards as the base, as well as some Double Scoop Gelatos® and some Design Memory Craft mediums:

Here goes a photo heavy post!

The first page started with a layer of Margarita Mix, smooched around with a wet brush:

 I then painted some Glaze medium onto my stamps (Darkroom Door's Criss Cross Texture and Possible Quote stamps). I then allowed the Glaze to dry completely.

 I added a little Snow Cone blue, and then mixed up a Chocolate wash by scribbling onto my craft sheet and adding enough water to make a runny paint:

 I then dripped the Chocolate wash from the top of the page. See how the Glaze-stamped images resist the brown?

Here's the first page complete:

The second page started with a couple of the metallic Gelatos® - Metallic Mint and Metallic Melon. I applied these to the board and spread them around a little with a wet finger. I didn't want them mixing too much:

 I then applied some Raspberry to the edges, and smudged it around with a dry finger. I used a dry finger because I really wanted some intense colour:

 I then grabbed a stencil (one with large open areas) and applied the Raspberry through it:

 Because there was so much product on this page, and a huge potential for smudging, I gave it a light coat of Glaze medium to seal it:

 Here's the page complete with some Darkroom Door Sweet Treats paper products:

The third page has several layers. It started with a layer of Lemon, applied quickly and leaving some of the white board showing. I then stamped over it with Darkroom Door's Script Texture stamp and the Butterfly Eclectic stamp in a waterproof ink:

 I then applied some Gel Medium through a stencil. The Gel Medium has a thick consistency, so it's great for stenciling:

 Here it is - see that it's white now, but when it dries it's completely transparent:

 I added a wash of Mango, and wiped it off the spots of Gel Medium. I then applied Red Cherry to the borders and spread it around with a wet finger:

 Here's the third page complete:

The fourth page started with strips of old book page glued down with Gel Medium:

and then a wash with Snow Cap:

 I stamped a couple of feathers from Darkroom Door's Feathers set in waterproof ink, then coloured some Whipped Spackle with Butterscotch and a spray of water:

 I then applied the coloured Whipped Spackle through a stencil and when it was dry, I added some Butterscotch around the edges and spread it around with a dry finger:

 Here's the completed page:

If you're still with me, I thank you! This certainly was a long post!

I hope I've inspired you to create your own eclectic little collection of pages. I look forward to showing you more art journaling in the very near future.


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I love that! Gorgeous!

Angela McIntyre

Great pages and wonderful techniques :) I especially love the butterfly one, going to try that 'recipe' with some different colors and stamps. Thanks!!!


Great ideas and nice to see some "Quick and easy" as opposed to so many steps, embellishments, tools, materials required. You show that less is indeed more!


Wonderful pages! Thanks for sharing these simple but oh so amazing page treatments!

Victoria H.

Beautiful pages and awesome techniques! Thank you for sharing them all.

Linsey R

Stunning work! I love seeing the process in its entirety too! Thanks so much for sharing your art and great inspiration!

Jean Marmo

Love these!!


Thank you, a technique I've always loved but thought that I couldn't do.


Love each page! And, thanks for showing all the different techniques. :)

TracyM #6773

WOW - your pages are TOTALLY AWESOME Teresa - LOVE the colours & textures!!!

Genie Rosenblum

Hi Teresa, your pages are beautiful! I especially like the butterfly page. Thank you for showing me how to use my gelatos, which are in a box not being. They will definitely come out to play

Victoria H.

Oh thank you so much for sharing all if these beautiful pages and the fabulous techniques that you used. You have so inspired me to give these a try in my journal. Thank you again!


What a lovely project. I think your pages are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with us your creative process.

Rachel Greig

Fantastic pages Teresa! :)


Thanks for sharing. These are very pretty and inspiring.


What do you seal your gelatos with?

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