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Colorful Tag with Zoey


Hello Crafters!

Zoey is here! Today I want to show you a Tag I did !

I wanted to challange my self, if you saw my works, you might know (or noticed!) that I tend to go monochromatic in my project or use max 2 colors....

I do not know why , but I feel more confortable this way.

NOT TODAY! Today I wanted to step out my confort zone,and guys, let me tell you -- I feel amazing!

I used tons of colors and I had zero problem with that because with Faber Castell Design Memory Craft® color combination is made really simple, and it is so easy to MIX and MATCH all these different media and colors!

Here is the project I did - and big colorful tag! 







Whad do you think about it? If you want, you can check this video to see how I created it!


Thank you for stopping by!

Stay Happy, Stay Creative.

Ciao, Zoey


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LOVE the fabulous techniques & products you combined & layered together, LOVE the design & message it brings too!!!
Thank you for sharing this & video tutorial :)

ZOE! It's gorgeous! You sound like my son, he only uses pencil. I think you did amazing with your choice of colors and how you used them. I can never get enough color and yours is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

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