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The wind-bell decoration


Hi everyone!  Madoka here.  I would like to share  my first work as Guest Designer.

This is called "Furin" in Japan.

It's a wind-bell which is hung under the eaves and makes a sound when receiving a wind. It is made of glass or metal so that it makes cooler-feeling sound.

Japanese enjoy the sound and go through a sticky hot summer.


I added a design to a water-clear “Furin" with Paper Crafter Crayons™.


I shaved Paper Crafter Crayons™.


 I put it in the glass of the wind-bell and I add heat and dissolve it.

I rolled it constantly to attach design uniformly.





I painted a white paper  which I cut into long pieces with  Gelatos® and Gelatos Double scoop® .

And blended the colors with waterbrush.


 I applied Glass Bead Glitter Gel  to the surface and dried it.

   It glittered and is very beautiful!


And  painted it  with Glaze and put a transparency on it.


Another one painted with Gelatos® after I embossed it using a stamp.

After that I made it with the same process some time ago.


Pasted together that.

I  decorated  the  wind-bell with the embellishments such as  flowers and stones.



 Thank you for your time.



Faber Castell Design Memory Craft® 

 Gelatos®Double Scoop®(Snow Cone, Metallic Mint)

 Gelatos®Colors(Boysenberry,Metallic Blueberry,Cotton Candy, Blueberry,Coconut)

Paper Crafter Crayons TM (Blue Green(#770522), Neutral(#770522))

Glass Bead Glitter Gel(#770317)

Glaze(#770304)Gelatos Tool Set(#770312) 













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TracyM #6773

CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st post Madoka!!!
Your wind-bell is really lovely and I appreciated the story you shared about it too => apart from really enjoying your tutorial, I got to learn a little more about Japan too - THANK YOU :)


Looks gorgeous,I love the colors and the sprinkling on the glass. Thank you for sharing !

Tonya Gibbs

GENIUS! I'm pinning this idea for Christmas tree decorations as well! Thanks for the inspiration.


Love your idea. Can't wait to get the supplies needed to do this project. Blues and greens are my favorite colors. Thank you for sharing.

katie brooks

What an amazing project, I love this! Thank you for sharing how to make one!!!


it looks amazing!! Really well done my friend!

Julie H.

This is fantastic!! Love all the details and how you added the color to the wind bell.

Jan Castle

STUNNING!!!! Love the look! TFS how you made it!

Rosy Newlun

How beautiful! I just watched how to make furin on NHK yesterday! I think it was on Cool Japan. I love these -- thank you for sharing!


Rosy, that's a great show (Cool Japan)!

Madoka, this is a perfect project to show! Furin = summer in Japan! Beautiful project - love the colors and the use of the Paper Crafter's Crayons! The long strip embellishment below is just gorgeous esp. with the Glass Bead Glitter Gel = WOW!!

Madoka Kinosada

Thanks everyone!!


Wow! That's really pretty! It's such a creative idea!

Becky Green

What a WONDERFUL TECHNIQUE! This one is a MUST TRY!!!! :) It's just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! And another neat way to use the Artist Crayons!:)

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