The wind-bell decoration
Rainbow card using PITT® Pastel Pencils

Altered Frame by Zoey E.


Hello everyone! Well, where do I begin from!? I am thrilled to show you the project I made with Faber Castell Design Memory Craft®  ! I am beyond happy and proud to be part of this talented group and sometimes I still have to pinch myself to see if this is for real! 
For my first post I've worked with the Steampunk Gelatos®  - I couldn't wait to get my hands on this set! we go! 

I found a lonely photo frame in my stash and I decided to alter it , I first covered it with some tissue paper and with Gel Medium I glued it to the photo frame. When everything was dried, I toned down the tissue paper with Gesso


And then I started adding color in this sequence : Cinnamon Gelatos® , Iced Chai Gelatos® , Iced Coffee Gelatos® and finally Black Cherry Gelatos® .


To blend the colors together I simply used my finger and a bit of water and It was so easy to do it because all MIX & MATCH products blend together just perfectly! 

And for the small part that I couldn't reach with my finger I used the Blending Chisel to help me out.


When I was satisfied, I decided to add some more texture. I grabbed again my Gelatos® Color , cut a small bit off and tried to make a mixture. I then added the Whipped Spackle and mixed it all together.


This was my first time working with the Whipped Spackle, and let me tell you, as soon as the color started to blend, it so looked like Chocolate frosting...I was tempted to eat it! I applied, the now colored Whipped Spackle, to my frame through a Stencil.

Another great way to use Gelatos® Color is as mist! To create my mist, I used the Gelatos Mist Maker Set. I cut a small piece of Metallic Melon Gelatos® , added some water with the Drip Dropper and using the Palette Knife I put it all into the Misting Bottles. Sooo easy! You really need a small piece of the Gelatos® Color.


Now all that was left to do was gluing everything together. And when everything was in place I didn't like how the Whipped Spackle was looking like. It didn't really fit in the whole project.

So I grabbed my Gold Champagne Gelatos® Double Scoop® and I painted it over the Whipped Spackle I applied earlied...and... BOOM! The Gold Champagne Gelatos® Double Scoop® never disappoints me! LOL. It saved me once again! It is just amazing how easily all the products from the MIX & MATCH blends together, this leave me speechless everytime I play with them!


I repeated all the above steps (except for the Whipped Spackle) to color my title. I also used the Walnut Brown Stamper's Big Brush Pen to add some shadows around the letters. Even the Stamper's Big Brush Pen are easily blended with your fingers (you have to be quick!) 


Are you still here reading? I hope so! I am Italian and I love to talk! haha so Thank you so much for reading till here, now I will leave you with some photo that will finally reveal the project I've created!

I really hope you like and that this might be inspiring for you - I surely had so much fun playing with Faber Castell Design Memory Craft® products! 

D1 D3D4D5P1

Thank you for stopping by, 

Ciao, Zoey




 Other Supplies:


  • Prima Flowers - Perles Craftsman
  • FabScraps - Die-Cut Gray Chipboard 
  • Tim Holtz Layering Stencil - Bubbles TSH002
  • Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Tissue Wrap Paper - Melange


ZoeyMy name is Emanuela Zoey, but everyone calls me just Zoey because is shorter...short like me! LOL . I live in a small town near Bologna, Italy. I just turned 30 but I still feel like I have 18 years old! I always been a "creative kid" , since when I was little I remember teachers told my family to let my imagination run wild, and so they did. When I turned 20 I stopped drawing, I don't know why, but I started again few years later, out of boredom, I have to admit. I started making cards and it got me addicted since the first card I made! I travelled a lot and this gave me the opportunity to find more about the card making/scrap booking world -- which was still a 'niche' world here in Italy. 


While in the beginning I was making only 'traditional' cards, now I jumped into the mixed media world, a world where I can find again the little kid I was, where I can run wild and let my imagination run with me without any rules. I also love to create Layouts, Altered projects, ATCs and TAGS. 


I get inspired by everything that surrounds me and I am not afraid of mistakes, as I find they add a touch to the final artwork, because no one will know, except yourself. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and over my Blog



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It's amazing!!!!!


Great job Zoey!!!


Meraviglioso come ogni tua dolce creazione. Complimenti piccola.

Tonya Gibbs

Congrats! I love your frame, and how you altered it. Thanks for the tips. I look forward to working with you!


looove it!!!

Terri Burnette

It's perfect! Love all the layers. Looking forward to more of your posts


It is so beautiful ... how you have it translated in pictures and words.

I love Italy

best regards Eva


congrats on your first post! You know you're an artist! Wonderful project and a nice tutorial! You know that my English is so bad ... sorry!! BArbarayaya


Really nice, great colors!

Magda Chehayeb

Really lovely and fab idea ! Your description is very clear and also funny... a very good start !


Wonderful! And the description is so clear! Love it!


Zoey! I love it!


just amazing!!!love it to bits!!


Let your imagination run wild... it's just stunning!
Hugs from Italy


Amazing, and congrats!

TracyM #6773

CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st post Zoey - it is TOTALLY AWESOME, as is your tutorial!!!
THANK YOU for sharing your fabulous frame, creative experience and tutorial :)


Gorgeous work Zoey, totally love it, thanks for the inspiration!

Hugs, Franz.


Congrats on your first post - you did it! LOL! Fabulous project and great use of the new Gelatos colors!! Wonderful job <3

Gina Howe

This is gorgeous, Zoey. I want to make one!

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