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Love Story


Jen Matott here today to share a layout that I made using Whipped Spackle and Gelatos®!  I created this layout to celebrate my marriage and how we are "for better or for worse". 

Using Scrapbooking From the Inside Out's March "Honesty" kit and Faber-Castell's Textural Accent's Whipped Spackle, I created one of my favorite layouts! 

JenM0314OurTruth3I absolutely LOVE the Whipped Spackle!  The texture is perfect for putting it through a stencil or using a mask.  I used the palette knife that came in the Gelatos Tool Kit.

I spread a moderate amount of Whipped Spackle over the mask and pulled it straight up to remove.  I gave it a short blast with my heat gun to dry the outer part of the Whipped Spackle and then stamped into it to create some different texture.

JenM0314OurTruthdetail1You can achieve a lot of height with this stuff!  It's perfect for building up texture too!

JenM0314OurTruthdetail2To finish it off, I allowed the Whipped Spackle to dry and then created a Gelato spray using Gelatos® in Blueberry and Metallic Mint.  I mixed them using the Gelatos Tool Kit and sprayed it over the Whipped Spackle allowing the mixture to puddle in the deeper areas.  When it dried, the color highlighted the textures.  It gave it a little sparkle too with the Metallic Mint!  I love this layout and after adding all the embellishments and papers, it became a happy but truthful look at my love for my husband! 


Gelatos® Colors in Blueberry & Metallic Mint

Textural Accents Whipple Spackle

Gelatos Tool Set

Other Supplies:

Scrapbooking From The Inside Out March Kit




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TracyM #6773

WOW - FABULOUS layout Jen!!!
LOVE your theme, title and stencilling!!!
I haven't tried stencilling yet but Whipped Spackle is definitely high on my wish list - thank you for the inspiration :)

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