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Paper Crafter Crayons card by Yuko

Hello! Everyone! Yuko here!


I've used a crafter crayons for the first time.

This is a very interesting item!


I will introduce  2cards using crafter crayons

because I made  "melting flower" and "melting hearts" .


This is how to make the "melting heart" "melting flower". 

You dissolved by applying a heater to crater crayon. 
Please note heat so as not to hit the plastic case of cryon at this time. 
I will be deformed by the heat of the heater




 1.Dissolved by applying a heater to crafter crayons.

   Please note heat so as not to hit the plastic case of cryon at this time.

   It will be deformed by the heat of the heater.



2.Dissolve the two colors of pink and red.




3.Rubbed the paper while hot.



4.Smeared as a whole as this.



5 Pink&Red   / Orenge &Yellow




6  Make a flower(use die) and cut to 3hearts.




This feeling that I melted very interesting! 
Please try and enjoy!







Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® products:

Paper  Crafter Crayons TM   RED/YELLOW

Gelatos® Snow Corn / Lemon  / Guava /Red Cherry /Coconut

Whipped Spackle





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Carol Mc

Great technique. Thanks for sharing.

Dawn S

Loving the technique! I will definitely have to give this a try. Thanks!

Nikki C

These are so pretty thanks on the tip

TracyM #6773

BEAUTIFUL cards - LOVE your flowers!!!

THANK YOU for sharing this COOL crayon technique Yuko :)


Wow, this is a technique I haven't seen before. I love your cards!

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