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Chalk Board Paint Crazy!

jan 2014 007100   Oh yeah so by now you have seen that Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® carries Chalk Board paint in the Textural Accents collection! Let me tell what I love about it! 1. No odor! It doesn't have an offensive smell smell like some paints do. 2. Good coverage!  I did not have to prime the shiny surface, the paint grabbed on! 3. It's fun!!! I love Chalk Board paint! I think I may have gone Chalk Board Paint Crazy! Things to remember... 

jan 2014 008100 1. You will need several coats especially on a non porus surface like this one, I used three layers of paint and a heat gun to dry in between. 2. DON'T get this on your clothes- it's black need I say more? "  jan 2014 010100 What can I use to draw on this wonderful new Chalk Board Paint?" I am so glad you asked ! The possibilities are endless! If you are going to reuse your surface over and over go get your  PITT® Pastel Pencils (that's what I used here),  if you are looking for something more permanent that pops try using the Metallic PITT® Artist Pens,  Metallic Gelatos™, or the white Stamper’s Big Brush Pen ! I promise you will have fabulous results!  photo 3 (2)photo 1 (1) Here are a couple of samples form the make and takes at CHA (sorry the pictures are blurry-camera phones yuck! But you get the idea!) Both ladies doodled on the bracelets (covered with Chalk board paint) with a white Stamper’s Big Brush Pen, then the lady on the left went over hers with a  green PITT® Artist Pen! And the results - Fabulous!   It is easy to be chalk board paint crazy when the possibilities are endless don't you think?


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What a great prize pack!

I love chalkboard too but have stuck to paper I may have to try paint after all

OH THE THINGS I COULD DO WITH THIS PRIZE PACKAGE ! ! I really love all the possibilities with chalkboard paint. Shelly

Definitely have to get some chalkboard paint.
Thanks for the inspiration.

So many ideas to use chalkboard paint. Creativity explosion!! Thanks for the giveaway.

What a cute little message board. I like that you didn't have to prime first. Just get on with the fun stuff!
Thanks for sharing your fun project! :)

Chalkboard paint is fun. Thanks for the inspiration!

Awesome! This looks so fun!!

You have caught me eye on this one! I LOVE chalkboard anything, great for tags, and a ton of my labels. Love Love, Love , everything from Faber-Castellated. I have all ready replaced a few of my Big brush Pens. Quality product = Quality project..

Oops spelling error Faber Castell, silly auto fill!

Whoo What fun to play with the chalkboard paints!!

Oh I what to play with these paints and colors!!

Oh I would so love to win. I'm just learning how to die cut. I love the paint brush tip makers. I have 4 of your colored pencils & I just love them. Thanks for the the great hop & for the chance to win!!!!

This really looks like fun to play with!!!

The more I learn about the kind of crafting I want to do, the more I realize that Faber-Castell has the best product line for the best results.

Love the bracelets.

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