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Finishing Touches


Hi Faber-Castell Peeps!! It’s me, Karen, here again to show you what I love about my Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft pens and crafter crayons!  I may not be the best at sketching and drawing, but I love to cut and tear paper into shapes to make projects. 


This week, I sketched a sailboat and cut it out of some of book paper and then my favorite scrapbook paper.  I glued the pieces down to my canvas with Faber-Castell Gel Medium, sealed the whole thing with Gel medium,  and let it dry.   What I love about using gel medium is the fact that it isn’t sticky like glue.  I also love that when I am working on my finishes, I can actually ‘erase’ pen marks for a little bit since they sit on top of the medium and dry a little bit slower!






For my first finish I take my Paper Crafter Crayons™ and match the colors of the paper and outline the inside edge.  I used a yellow for the sail and brown for the boat, the mast and the other sail.






Then I took a gray PITT® Pastel Pencil and outlined the outside edge.  The pastel really can dig into the edge of the paper and the gray gives a great shadow effect!  (I used my little fingers to smudge the gray pastel in too!!)


To build some texture the PITT® Artist Pens go over details, highlight paper edges and even the edge of the canvas.  Since, the paper is coated with Gel Medium I can use my finger to smudge the pen ink to take away the sharp lines!  I  used the Faber-Castell dot system to  match the pen color  I love knowing what colors are going to match by just counting the dots on my pen!!




One of the final steps uses the small PITT® Artist Pen to use the fine black line to outline the shapes.  I do the outside edge of the paper and go around the color highlights on top of the paper.  This outlining really makes the shape stand out!!  I also like to take my white Stamper’s Big Brush Pen and add a couple of white highlights too!! Sometimes, I do too much with the white highlights, but I really tried not to overdo it this time!!!




Add one favorite quote, outline and add some personality with doodles . . . and there you have it! My Faber-Castell pens and supplies finished off my picture and took it from cut paper to fun art canvas!! 




Thank you so much for stopping by today!!   Karen




Supply List:


  • Paper Crafter Crayons™

  • PITT® Artist Pen(s)

  • PITT® Pastel Pencil(s)

  • Stamper’s Big Brush Pen (s)

  • Gel medium


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cute LO... love the effect!
TFS Patricia

Beautiful arty goodness Karen..love it!!!
Tracy xxxx

Love the sailboat!!!!! We need more sailing in life! Yay!!!! This is super fab!

Karen, you are such an inspiration to me ... you really rocked the sailboat! Great job!

Fantastic art and tutorial, Karen.

The outlining really gives it depth!! I need to do more of this, thank you.

Too cute!! Love it.

What a perfect background! I LOVE it.

Love the sentiment and love the canvas!!

Another winner!!!

Love your canvas and the sentiment you used. Thanks for sharing.

Love this!

Sandra ltb

You did an original piece that turned out to be beautiful. Great paper piecing, color and design. I found the color pallet (and your details) to be so much fun! I need to look at your YouTube videos and learn more about using these kinds of products! thanks, -con

I love this nautical canvas and how it creative you were in designing it! Awesome inspiration!

FABULOUS canvas Karen!!!

I found it really interesting and informative - so many things for me to try and I look forward to my crafting adventures :)

THANK YOU for sharing your tutorial and creative inspiration!!!

WOW! Love this canvas!! Great colors and I love the great tutorial! TFS!

I love everything about this project! Can't wait to give it a try myself!

Can you please explain how to use the dot system you referred to on the Faber Castell products? I would love to have a way to know what colors will go together. Thanks! Loved your Sailboat canvas and tutorial!

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