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Day 5 Giveaway


It's our last (and biggest) giveaway!  We're so excited about this one.

The Studio Caddy  ($367.50) is the ultimate collection of mediums and colors to Mix & Match. Built for easy access to all your tools, it rests on the desk surface upright or flat.


Here's how you can win:  Leave a comment below on how you plan to use the prize.  For extra entries, 'like' our Facebook page. The winner will be announced tomorrow at 5PM EST.

Good luck! 

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I would love to make layouts, cards, and Easter decorations. Thanks for a great giveaway!

I love the gelatos! My new favorite crafting tool.

wow winning that would be like winning the lottery! How awesome of you to give one away!

Trying desperately not to hyperventilate - this prize would be AWESOME! I know I should be saying I would use this to make some fabulous art, but to be honest, this prize would be for display and for making my friends green with envy LOL.

I would be like a kid with the biggest box of crayons! I would start with altering a canvas! I also have a canvas messenger bag I want to decorate! Oh please, please, please rafflecopter, choose me this time!

First, I would clear off a special space just for this on my desk. Next I would probably spend at least a week just staring at it & touching every single piece, lol.
After that, I would have so much fun making pages in my art journal, canvas pieces, in my scrapbook, making cards.

Oh wow, Mixed Media Mania! :D

I would use these to help replace the Gelatos that I used up already! I love using them in many ways-but especially on wood type additions/embellishments to add to my projects(multi-media, cards, canvases, shadow boxes, and fabric creations.)

I would love to use them with some blank canvas that I have to decorate our new home!

Ohhh my ... to win this would be a dream.... I would use it for everthing, mixed media, tags, canvases, AJ pages, cards, coloring and on and on and on.... the list is actually endless..... and of course I like you facebook pages....

I would use these on all my mixed media projects! What an awesome prize!! Thanks for the chance. :o)

This is so awesome, I've been waiting all week!!!!! I would love this. Oh the possibilities are endless. My mind is just spinning.!!!!!oh please.

oh my goodness, this would be the happiest mail EVER!!!! :) what fun to have this sitting on my craft desk!

Wow! I would use these goodies for scrapping and mixed media!

I want this package so badly. I drooled when you posted the picture...yowza!

Cards, cards, and more cards!!!! :D

What wouldn't I do with these: Art Journaling, Making cards for my schools' auctions, teaching my son the fun and joy of color blending, and for posting these fabulous projects on Facebook!

I would love to win this as I would share with my daughters and grand daughters as we craft together.

I would love to win this as I would use these is my card making to color flowers also back rounds the list is endless.

I would use them for scrapbooking and art journaling and generally just playing! What an awesome give-away!

Beautiful colors.............looks like spring !!!

this is the MOTHER of all giveaways! WOW, you guys are so generous! What would I make? The possibilities are endless! Canvases, Art Journal pages, the list goes on and on.

What an amazing giveaway. I love my limited gelato collection and pens. I would love to win all of these amazing colors and tools!

Mixed media Heaven !! I would go to work on my canvas

I have so many new ideas for cards, and these would be the perfect tools to use for creating them.

WOW, what an absolutely amazing prize! I make greeting cards, pictures in frames, magnets, tags, mini journals ... I could have SOOOO much fun with the contents of this caddy! Thank you for the opportunity to try to win such a fabulous and totally useful prize!


What a fantastic and generous giveaway! And I do like you on FB - have for years.

wow, what a prize! I would use it to get back into my art journalling - nothing more inspiring than lush colours to give my lazy mojo a kick start

What an awesome giveaway!! I'd use this on my craft table in my mixed media art, my card making, well for everything crafty that I do!! Great giveaway!!

These are great would love to make some cards and other things with these!

I would use the big pen for my stamp and some gelato to mix with water and spray. this caddy would be on my desk in front of me !

OMG I would love to win

I would use this to make cards with my daughters. It would be amazing to win this!!

This giveaway is AMAZING!! Your products look awesome! ! I'd love to win the chance to create with them!!!!!

My art would soar if I won this amazing prize! I would use it daily in my mixed media, cards and paintings! Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing prize!
Someone is going to be one creative soul, after winning that!

That is awesome!!!!! I wish I could be the lucky one! Love these products ! thanks fot the chance!!

I'd use it for my art and for my memory pages!!!

wow!!! that would be the cherry on top for my mixed media project!!!!
Just speechless!!! Imagining already all the possibilities....just endless!!!

What an amazing prize! I would use it for lots of crafty goodness. What more could a crafter ask for!

OH , MY ~ what couldn't anyone do with so many 'tools' ...ARTZY JOURNALING , to be sure !!! water color pencils <3 GELATOS w/ pastels <3 ....I'll draw/paint /smear my memories into 'being' ~ of my sea side visit, which I can't journal enough about these days.

Great prizes I would love to play with them all day !

Incredible prizes this whole week! I'd try and hide it from my kids because they already love to use my gelatos.

would love to win the Studio Caddy! I LOVE Faber-Castell

This is such a wonderful prize! I have a group of 5 friends that get together to craft every month and this would be awesome to add to our collection. We have been wanting to try these!

Seriously?? Wow, what a package of pure fun. Thanks for the chance.

I would use them on the cards that I make. I usually give everyone in my family a box of misc. cards every year for Christmas. I love all the markers, gelatos, watercolor pencils. They all ad such a distinctive beauty. Thanks so much for this chance to win.

Wowzers!!! I would be coloring everything in sight!!! Never used these before and would love to try

Wow! Who wouldnt love to win this!?! Im pretty sure I'd lock myself in my craft room and never come out! Im just getting into mixed media, but boy would I have fun--the possibilities are truly endless. I'd love to share with my daughter b/c she'd love all the gorgeousness we could create--and watching her create magic is such a wonderful experience for her and an unforgettable memory/bond for the two of us. Thanks so much for blessing all the lucky crafters this week!

I love your giveaways!!! Thank You!!! I love working with Faber Castel in my art journals!!!

How would I use this huge collection of awesomeness you ask? In oh-so-many ways! With stamps and stencils and misters and ummmmm My mind is spinning with ideas for the fun I would have! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

What an amazing giveaway! I know with all of these colors and mediums that my paper craft projects would pop even more!

I would so love to win all that color! Sure would make for a bright spring!

I would LOVE to win this fabulous set of goodness! I would use the products in my art journals and mixed media projects. Thank you!

OH MY GOSH !!! What wouldn't I do with it ?!!! What an amazing prize. Like 20 Christmases all rolled up into one. :)

Oh my! Look at those glorious colors!!! I would treasure every item in that caddy. I could use them for every crafty adventure I create! From exploring in my art journal, creating cards for friends and family, to making unique jewelry pieces!! The possibilities are endless! Thank you for the chance to win these colorful goodies :)

WOW AMAZING giveaway!! Would love this.....

wow! thanks for the chance to win!

Any chance I could get the luck of the Irish here in Ireland and win this amazing giveaway? I would use it for lots of mixed media layouts and canvases!

I would so use these to help be practice to become better in mixed media.

I love using the gelatos on stretched canvas, they are so smooth and are a delight to blend!

I adore your products and would love to win!

I would be coloring my heart out. This is an awesome giveaway!

I so need this. I would love to have it

Wow, amazing giveaway! The things I could do are endless!! I have never used gelatos, but know that I would have so much fun with them!! I'm currently using "old school" blended markers to add color to my projects, very time consuming! This set would be such an awesome opportunity to expand my horizons and try something new:-)! Have been a crafter for years, would use these on my greeting cards and scrapbook pages! The possibilities are endless!! Thanks so much for the chance at the giveaway! Good luck to all😊!!

It would be like my version of a kid in a candy store (Me in an art store!!!) I would sit and do something with all those blank canvases I've been collecting in my art closet.

I LOVE these products, and I'd LOVE to have ALL of them!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

I would love to use these wonderful products in my art journals and mixed media projects. My local craft stores have limited Faber-Castell products available.

This would be an awesome gift! I have most of the colours, but the caddy is a bonus, XOXO

What an incredible prize! Sure would like to win :)

I never had anything like this really would love to try them out be cool being I am a artist already thinking of how I would use this!

I'm already following you on Facebook! Such great inspiration there!

I would love love love to win this set!!! Thanks so much for all the giveaways... You guys are the best!! I know this would be a dream come true to win.. Best of luck to all the commenters :-)

Would LOVE this!! Am in the process of reorganizing my craft room! This would be so perfect for all my Gelatos, markers and pens!!!

I would have SO MUCH FUN with these...card making, scrapbooking, art project with littles! I might even share with my mom... ;)

I would just have so much fun with all these colours and products. Scrapbooking layouts will be lots of fun

Hello!! I plan to work in my large art journal! I'm sure I could create some great canvases with the awesome colors as well!

DREAMY!!!! Fingers crossed. Would LOVE this!!

I would use them to make amazingly wonderful cards.

That caddy is just gorgeous! Lots of coloring fun!

How I would use this amazing set? Very simple: every day!

I would love to add this to my art supplies. I've got tons of ideas for card making!

I would use these products in scrapbook layouts, cards, and anything else that would hold still long enough! what an amazing give away.

OMG! That prize is like Christmas! And birthday! All rolled into 1! How fun to have them all at my fingertips!

This is an amazing giveaway... I would so loved to own this amazing set.. I have been dying to delve more into art journaling.. and this would be an fabulous way to do it.. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

I would use these to stamp and color my images. And the gelatos to make backgrounds. Thanks for the change

The possibilities are just endless! Art journal pages, beautiful canvasses, scrapbook pages, cards, gift wrap......oh my! Why would you ever need any other supplies? Thanks for the hope of owning this beautiful set......

Oh my GOSH-that is beautiful! It's organized and has lovely colors to play with. Thank you for your lovely giveaway and I already follow on facebook.

Oh my! I would LOVE to own this prize. Pretty sure I'd be hibernating for at least a week so I could start to play with it all! It's so pretty! I would be playing everything and testing techniques out on cards, tags & scrapbook pages. And then I'd have to try something with canvases. :-) Thanks so much for a chance to win!

Oh WOW WEEEEE this is a wonderful prize to win!!! I would create background for card making, scrapbook layouts & so many things!!!

ONG! Pick me! Pick me! LOL! I eould love to be able to learn with a FULL supply!!!!

This is amazing!! Great giveaway!!

Awesome prize - so many things to make and create with this set. Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

I would use these items for my card making and mixed media art projects.

Fantastic prize! With this, I would venture into an art journal and canvasses.

I could see my daughter and I sitting down together getting up to lots of creative fun with this awesome kit!

WOW! I LOVE IT! Good luck every one and congrats to the winner

Wow! If I won this amazing prize I would use it every single day in my art journalling & home decor projects & have crafty hang out days with my daughter whenever possible. Thanks so much for the chance to win. Barbara x

What an amazing giveaway. I have wanted to try your product and can't imagine a better way than winning this. I think it would be fun to jump into mixed media with these fabulous supplies. Thanks for the chance to win.

Omg so many beautiful colors in one place!! Love love love it!

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