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Thursday's prize is one each of our NEW Gelatos Double Scoop! Filled in a larger tube, Gelatos Double Scoops are designed for large scale projects or mixed media projects (those times when you didn't want to cut off a good chunk of Gelato?  Gone!) 

Double scoop

Above: Double Scoop is our first open stock Gelato!  The winner will win one of each color.  MSRP for one Gelatos Double Scoop: $4.95. 

Here's how you can win:  Leave a comment below on how you plan to use the prize.  The winner of the first prize (Whipped Spackle and Gelatos) will be announced at 5PM tomorrow.

Our Studio Caddy Premium Gift Set ($367.50) will be given away sometime next week so don't forget to stop by next week too! 
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This looks like fun set of colors to work with!

megan mcdonald

love to win, will be used in my journal

Kim Smith

Totally love my gelatos. With the bigger size I think I might tackle a mixed media canvas.


Love your products, especially your gelatos


My daughter just recently got me my first Gelatos. Love them. Would love to have the double scoops.

Sandra Scott

I'll keep trying to win.


I would like to use them in my art journal like Vicky.

Yvonne Yam these. I might attempt a much bigger mixed media canvas!

Wendy Sue Fellers

Would love to win! Thank you!

Tanya green

Oh yes please, pick me!!! Thanks :)

donna oleary

Awesome, they look awesome :-)

Kathline Arce

The colors are fantastic....the gelatos would make a great addition to my materials for making greeting cards....please and thank you.

Tamiko Mc Curry

Oh my.. to color the world in happiness of my choosing.. lolol cheesey? But so very true! For art journaling, card making, backgrounds on my canvas, adding deminsions to my subjects, to add to my traveling art kit, to dump only purse, to bring only sketch bag, to color, while waiting on my appointments... I could go on and on!! :)


Wow these look awesome... Would love to win! <3

Lucy E.

I would love to have some Double Scoops! I would use them to make some colored molding paste or gel to use with stencils and make some awesome mixed media cards, tags or a canvas.


I have been watching videos and tutorials on using gelatos for scrapbooking and art journals. They look so intriguing but I can't decide where to start. These might be the way for me to go.
Thanks for sharing! :)

suzie kavanaghi

I am going to use those beauties on my large mixed canvases. I am addicted to my gelatos and use them on everything. They blend sooo beautifully and I love the water colour effect I get when I use a baby wipe on them. Awesome!

Sandra Reade

Gelatos are just so amazing. Love the colors, love the textures.


I do not own any Gelatos yet so winning some would be awesome !!

Sandra Reade

Oops forgot to add that I would use them on my altered book I wsnt to make


I would use the double scoop(s) on a canvas project - maybe a bag!


Would use these gelatos is my mixed media journals, canvas, cards, tags, altered books, anything I can get my,hands on!

Suzi Reid

Would love to use the on my embossed and die cut elements on the cards I make as a hobby to earn a little to add to my pension, have loved the various techniques shown in the videos available thru your site, endless possibilities

Liz Hardman

Wow I so want to win these to use in making Easter cards


a project of coffee table nautical cigar box is brewing in my mind..... thinking the Gelatos will have to be the sky....... thank you

Laura Turcotte

oh my! This is amazing---I would love to win this!!!! Love Gelatos--and have been looking for these babies, but they ave been sold out everywhere!!!!

Anita Tillman

Oh me oh my - I would love these for a workshop I am doing soon - working on a huge canvas which I have never done before - how could I do it without gelatos!!! These would be perfecto!!!

Melissa D

OMG what an awesome prize, I have a big blank canvas, and wall space just waiting for some of these awesome colors. Thanks so much for the chance to win.
Melissa D


My art journal will be so happy with this gelatos !!!! I need them hahahaha

Sandra G

Gelatos - love them!

Nicole McNamara

I'd love to use them on some super happy and fun scrap pages of my kiddies!

Cathy A

I would love to have more of these to play with, I think the effects you can get are amazingly!

Robin N

what a generous prize...I am learning mixed media and have a canvas that I want to do...I think these would be awesome for it


I LOVE my Gelatos so winning the Double Scoop Gelatos would be double the fun!! My mother has to leave her home and will be coming to live with me soon so I plan on using them to create some art for her room to welcome her!

Ioulia D

I would love to use gelatos in my art journal products.


What a fabulous prize. Thanks for the opportunity. I am anxious to learn to use all the different medias.


LOVE this! I would use them for card making, scrap-booking, and an art journal. I can even try a canvas!

Sharon Earls

Would love to try these!

Patricia Vickers

I would love to win this! I would use them for canvas, scrapbook pages and anything else that they could be used for, always up for a challenge.

Wendy van der Zwan

Wowzers!!! I would do a larger painting on canvas with it.

Anne Driessen

I would defiantly use this prize for my art journaling,and in all my other little art projects

Pam Proctor

I have not gotten any type of new marker in forever! I need to make some sort of a sign for my shows this year. These might be just the ticket. IF I were to win, I am sure that I would have to blog about the "funness" of such a great product too!

TracyM #6773

OH MY!!!

I LOVE my two metallic Gelatos and my heart is filled with DELIGHT at the thought of a RAINBOW of DOUBLE SCOOP Gelatos - WOW!!!

IF I was the SUPER LUCKY winner, I would create my first ever canvas. Now that I have experienced the AWESOMENESS of Gelatos, I'm really keep to create a décor item FILLED with WOW and know that the Double Scoop Gelatos will give me confidence to create and free me of the worry of not using them all up in one sitting!!!

THANK YOU for the chance to win :)

Brandy Noody

Oh the artwork I could create with these fabulous products! Hoping I'm the winner!

Giuseppina Strocchia

I would love to use in my art journal and other projects thank you for a chance to win


I'm drooling. These look like fun to explore and create!!

Lisa P.

Love the chance to play with these products!

Ellen M.

I'd share them with my artistic daughter for some crafting time together. Many thanks!

Kendra Bryant

oh wow pretty colors. i would love to have that many colors of gelatos. i would like to learn the watercolor technique i've seen people use on YouTube. i like how they blend color around words in their art journals too. it makes the letters pop.

Lizzy Hill

PErfect for background work in my Lay outs!!! Want, need, desire - all 3!!!

angie binder

i love all the colors beautiful

Tessa Buys

I was just telling a crafty friend how I had fallen in love with gelatos and that I needed one of every color! I love using them on my scrapbook layouts. Thanks for the chance!

Sheryl Fowler

I've never used them but would sure like the opportunity to play with them so choose me please.

Debbie Davis

I love using Gelatos in my art projects and journal pages! Would love to win the Double Scoops!

Kathie Barrus

They look lovely! These would be my first Gelato's!

Jean Marmo

This would brighten my week! I love using Gelatos for scrapping, card making and art journaling! Such gorgeous colors! Thanks for the chance to win!

Jeanette M.

If I were lucky enough to win, I would try using them on cards...maybe stamping and for backgrounds. I have watched many videos and have seen some pretty cool results with this amazing product! Thanks for the chance to win!

vero the sahm

I already use Gelatos, but do not know yet THE double-scoop !! Sure I would like to use them in my mixed-media journal, but to create my backgrounds of LOs, or cards too ! I like using stencil with gelatos ! thanks for the chance to win !


I LOVE gelatos!!!!!! So versatile!

Ruth G

I'd love to use these Double Scoop Gelatos to add color to cork, canvas and resist embossed alphas and shapes for my papercrafting projects! The colors are so much fun and I love how these are bigger for fun that just won't stop there! I could do some watercoloring and use them with stencils, too! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Susan M

I would you these on a cool background!


You can never have enough gelatos. It would be so great to win the double scoops.

Iris Harris

This would be such a great help with my smashing and scrapbooking. Thank you for such a great giveaway

Barbara Campbell

I would love to win these Gelato's . Look forward to working with them. So interesting.

Samantha T

Love these! I'd use them on cards and maybe a mixed media canvas.

Kate Palmer

Oh how I would love to win some of these gorgeous double scoop tubes! Those little ones just don't go far enough on a canvas :)

Jan Buffington

Oh niceee,would use these on everything!


There are sooo many possibilities that I can not tell you what I would do with the fine product. Thank-you for the opportunity.

susan ramsey

I would love these in my creative healing journal!


Mixed media projects. :)


I would use these in my journal or on a canvas!


Love Gelatos! I would use them for awesome backgrounds on my scrapbook layouts. They are great for my art journal as well... basically any of my mixed media projects! Thanks for the chance to win!

Mary Wheeler

I have never used Gelato's before but I'm sure they will be fun to play with

Cathi O'Neill

I love gelatos, would love to use them on layouts, canvases and journals!!

Janet Cobb

I have been trying to figure out how I can stretch my budget to buy these! I would be fantastic if I could win them!!!

Terresa Wood

They look so yummy! Great name for a great product! Would love them.

Johanne Lacombe

This is awesome. I would love to play with the double scoops. Thanks for the chance and have a wonderful day.

Gwen L.

I absolutely love these for replacing singles of my favorite colors. I'd use these in my mixed media projects. Thanks for the chance to win!

Debbie Ford

I have wanted to try Gelatos. This is a great package. Happy first day of spring


Love Gelatos be oz it can be used in so many ways. I am loving this big scoop and colors. Thanks for chance to win

Debbie Dunham

I would use them in my journal and on my canvases. I love Gelatos!


i wish for gelatos for sooooo long !!! please pick me :)

Janet Christensen

I'm anxious to try gelatos--perhaps a garden project--hello first day of spring.


With this prize, I would venture into an art journal and canvasses.

Donna Polley

I will have a double scoop please! Thanks for the chance to win.

Paula Timm

I love that they're open stock now! I'm a mixed media artist and have yet to try these! WANT!


Wow double scoop: that's great!. Love working with gelatos. Thanks for this chance to win.

Christy Butters


Kim R.

All those gorgeous gelato colors lined up make me happy! Thanks for the chance to win.


Would love to win! I would use them for card making.

Heather Thompson

I would love to win this, I am starting to really get into the mixed media I am actully working on a lay out right now with what I have........A work in progress. lol This would be just awesome!!! Thanks for the great chance to win!

Jodie Broussard

I am new to this product. I would love to try these- they look fantastic!! I am always looking for new products to play with!!


I've never used these before, but I've seen blog posts about them. I would use them in some mixed media artwork I'm working on.

Amy Hugo

I am a "dabbler" in mixed media. I tend to collect supplies but never get around to using them. I am forcing myself to use my stash before buying anything new. Gelatos are on the top of my list to buy after my spending freeze. I have never used them!!! I would use them in mixed media canvas, and in making my own cards for my project life scrapbook album. Thanks for the chance to win!

Sue McRae

I would definitely use them in my cardmaking, especially for backgrounds.


SUCH an amazing giveaway! I do have original Gelatos and they're almost go e so these would be great!

Bridget Jones

I am so happy to have come across these Gelato's on FB. The bright colors drew me right in. I recently started card making, but my main love is scrapbooking. I would LOVE these for both!

Sandi Vasel

I would love to have this wonderful giveaway!

Jessica Bavier

I would just LOVE to use these on some cards! I love gelatos!! :)

Karen Bradsher

I love trying your new products . It gives me something new to teach my group of friends at our card class

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