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Favourite Things - Art Journal Page


Hi everyone!  This is my first post designing for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® and I'm so thrilled to be here!  Today Im showing you how I created this art journal page titled "Favourite Things".  There's alot of pictures and "step by steps" so bear with me ;)

1.  I covered the entire surface with random strips of washi tape.  This does not have to be perfect, it will be covered up but it just creates a really nice texture to the background.



2.  Using the Faber Castell Palette Knife I applied a good coat of Gesso.  Make sure its completely dry before moving on.  



3.  I created my own 'sprays' by cutting up some Gelatos® and mixing them with warm water in the Mist Bottles.  I have a bottle in blue, pink and green and they are great for laying down colour and spraying over stencils and masks.  
DSC02450              DSC02451


4.  Using Gelatos® (and the homemade Gelatos sprays) in Blue, Green and Pink I randomly covered the entire page.  I sprayed over a 'circular' mask I made using my hot glue gun.  Then I took some dry wall tape and mixed some Gelatos® with water and applied the colour with a dry paintbrush.  I continued with the dry wall tape technique using different colours over the entire page.



5.  I applied a very heavy layer of green Gelatos® to the bottom of my journal page and sprayed with water, then tipped the page upsidedown to create drips for grass and stems.  (sorry couldn't get a great picture).  Then I added some clouds using a stencil and Gesso.


6.  To add a bit more texture, I applied more Gelatos® through a stencil and then used my finger to distritube the colour.


7.  Using Pitt® Artist Pens I created some circles and hearts to create some space for journaling.  I used some foam stamps and my handwriting to add some of my favourite things inside the journaling areas.


8.  My finishing touches ALWAYS  include Stampers Big Brush Pens.  I blend out the lines with my fingers.



Well that was a bit of a Gelato® party!  lol...I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial, thanks for hanging in there til the end and I hope this inspires you to get messy in your art journal!

Products used:

Gelatos® Mist Maker Set - Palette Knife & Mist Bottles (770311), Textural Accents - Gesso (770302), Gelatos® - Guava, Bubblegum, Watermelon, Margarita Mix, Lime, Green Tea, Pistachio, Lemon, Mango, Blueberry, Acqua Dolce, Snow Cone.  Pitt® Artist Pen in Black (770075), Stampers Big Brush Pens - Light Cobalt Turquiose (154), May Green (170), Cobalt Green (156), Sky Blue (146), White (101).

Other:  Journal, stencils (the crafters workshop), washi tape, drywall tape, foam alphabet stamps


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This is a fabulous project!!! TFS!

Karen Crossen

Love the Gelato 'spray!' I can't wait to try making that!! And the drippy stems - LOVE!!

Victoria H.

Just so fun, colorful and your project and the many uses you showed with gelatos!

Susie F

Great page. I like the effect using the drywall tape and the dripping stems. Can't wait to see more of your posts.

Lucy E.


Madelyn Eve

really fun look! I love gelatos also.
thank you for sharing.


I love it. Thank you, for creating something beautiful.

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