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Messenger bag gesso makeover!

a100 Hey there artsy peoples Rita Barakat here with a messenger bag that I re-purposed with a gesso  makeover. One of the things I love about gesso is you can use it almost any surface.

to make it ready to color! jan 2014 012100 I have had this bag for a while because I liked the size and pockets. (OK, I liked the saying too, it says "I'm not spoiled I deserve all my stuff", but bunnies aren't really my thing.) I kept thinking one day I am going to do something with this bag... and today is that day! I ended cutting off the top layer because it has holes and it was some kind of rubbery material. I ended covering this portion of my bag with adhesive backed fabric (DCWV) that I primed with gesso. I also prepared the upper portion of the bag, where her wing extends, in gesso. jan 2014 003100 Once you have a layer of gesso anything is possible. Because this is going on a bag I want it to be durable so I went for my PITT Artist Pens. Bur Rita I don't draw you say, now worries- get your Big Stampers Brush and stamp some images or find a pattern (coloring pages) and trace onto your project. jan 2014 006100  I use wet a paint brush to move the color, you have to do it right away and you can only do it if you how a layer of gesso. That's how I get that beautiful but bright watercolor look. Then I go back with a black PITT Artist pen so it really pops.   jan 2014 013100   Once I finished the pocket I added it to the bag then  started on the top of the wing. I don't know about you, but I love color!   jan 2014 007100   Here is a close up! So what do you think? Is there something laying around your house that could use a gesso makeover?


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This is beautiful!!


This bag make-over is totally amazing! I love the colors and design :)


Fantastic make over! Love your glamor girl!

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