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Take the Challenge Winners, January 2014

Gelatos ®Double Scoop® anyone?


Hi everyone, Mou here with today's post.

What would you do if you got Gelatos® in double the size? I'd use them on bigger projects I thought. Here's an 18" x 24" canvas created with  Gelatos®Double Scoop®, some GessoGel Medium, and Glaze.

Let me show you some step photos I took while creating this canvas.


I attached some tissue paper to the canvas using Gel Medium. When dry, I applied a wash of Gesso to mute the tissue patterns a bit and to prime the surface for painting. I did a quick sketch of a bottle with a stem of flower. I used Gelatos® to create layers and layers of colors, blending each layer with Glaze till it looked close enough to what I had envisioned. I used Gel Medium to add pieces of diecuts to the bottle to make it look a bit like a vase. I also typed up my thoughts, printed them, cut them in strips and added them next to the vase. I added water to some parts after coloring with Gelatos®  and held the canvas up to let the colors drip down. Here's a closer look.


I think you'll love playing with these longer-lasting-double-the-delight Gelatos® twice as much! 

Thanks for stopping by :)


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snazzy jj

Beautiful work Mou!!! By the way, did F-C announce the winners of the Jan. Challenge yet?


beautiful canvas :)


Awesome canvas, Mou! lovely colors!

Mou Saha

Thanks for your sweet comments!
Snazzy jj, I have sent the winners to Naoko. She will post it as soon as she can. She just got back from CHA. Hang in there :)

Katie B.

Wow, just wow! This is beautiful, so many details to love. :) Awesome work! I was wondering what double scoop meant for a while now, now I know! Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.


Love the vibrancy of the colors and how the bottle/vase pops out of the canvas. Quick question. How do you make sure the Gelatos don't smear or smudge when finished? I know they are supposed to be permanent, but how long does it take for them to dry? Can you go over them with another water based media without them becoming soluble? Thanks for all the info and ideas to create.


Can you explain "blending each layer with Glaze" a little more. I am interested to use glaze but don't know much about it. I loved the finished product.
Thanks, Jane

Amber S

This is so pretty, Mou!

Susan B

Wow, this is just absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it...the colors are phenomenal!

Mou Saha

Hi Jane, thanks for your question. By "blending each layer with Glaze", I meant that I dipped my brush in Glaze instead of water to move the Gelato colors around on the canvas. That way I got an almost oil painting type of finish compared to the watercolor look of Gelatos that I often do. Glaze maintains the transparency of the color but not in a flowy watery way. Does that make sense? Please let me know.

Mou Saha

Hi Cynthia, thanks for your comment and question. I used Glaze to blend the Gelato colors. That gave it the vibrant finish you see there. I let it dry a bit after each layer of coloring. when I worked on the consecutive layers with Glaze, it did get reactivated somewhat in my experience. Since I was working with a pretty small brush working in a small area at a time, that was not an issue. I found it helpful because I could go back and change things if I didn't like it. However, once it dried, I dripped water on top without any smudging. Now, I worked on the canvas for a few hours and let it dry overnight to ship it to Design Memory Craft. I don't think there was any smudging at that point. Hope this helps :)

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