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Take the Challenge with Mou, December 2013

$5 Gift Series: Nesting Trinket Boxes with Mou


Post 2 of our holiday $5 gift series!  Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for the next post! 

Hi everyone, Mou here with today's tutorial. 

I believe that adding your loving handmade touches to a simple gift makes it priceless.


Here's a set of nesting trinket boxes that I altered very easily with Design Memory Craft products to give as gifts.


I started with these inexpensive nesting boxes. To alter the boxes, I used these Design Memory Craft goodies:

1. Gelatos® (Cotton Candy, Metallic Mint, Blueberry, Green Tea, Pistachio, Lemon, Metallic Melon, Red Cherry, Tangerine, and Bubble Gum)

2. Gesso

3. Gel Medium

4. Glaze

5. Stamper's Big Brush pen Black

6. Essential PITT Artist Pens BLACK

7. Metallic PITT Artist Pen GOLD

8. Some patterned paper scraps. 

Let me walk you through the steps.


First , color the small box using various shades of blue and green  Gelatos®.FCHolidayGiftTrinketBoxesStep3_MouS

Blend the colors with Glaze. In the center, attach some floral patterned paper using Gel Medium. Mute the design down a bit with a light wash of Gesso.FCHolidayGiftTrinketBoxesStep4_MouS

Color the inside of the small trinket box as well using Gelatos® and Glaze.FCHolidayGiftTrinketBoxesStep5_MouS

With Stamper's Big Brush pen Black, write 'Dream' or another word you like. Doodle around a bit with Essential PITT Artist Pens BLACK brush tip. Fill in some of the doodles with Metallic PITT Artist Pen GOLD.FCHolidayGiftTrinketBoxesStep6_MouS

Repeat the above steps with the bigger box. FCHolidayGiftTrinketBoxesStep7_MouS

Using Essential PITT Artist Pens BLACK brush tip, write quotes inside the boxes. Fill the small box with sweet treats (I put chocolate!). Put the small box inside the big one and latch it closed. And your Holiday gift under $ 5 USD is ready!


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Laura G.Turcotte

These would be great to make---I never thought of using my Gelatos! I had some of these unfinished boxes and frame in my hands yesterday @ the $$ store...Think I should go get them! Thanks for the amazing ideas and the tut!

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