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Christmas balls

$5 and under project - Rita

Hey there sweet crafty friends Rita Barakat here!  Can you believe it's December already?
It's Christmastime...time for making ornaments!
We were asked to prepare an inexpesive project (under $5.00) and  this is probably less than that depending on what you have on hand- everything I used was already in my stash.
So lets gather up some  supplies!
 You could draw directly on you canvas star if you like the texture -
I like my ornaments to stay soft so I am using this adhesive fabric for my art.
Either way you must use gesso first so the colors don't bleed. 
I used gesso on this fabric, but it doesn't get as stiff as the canvas does.
I gesso my fabric, allow it to dry, draw my girls (you could stamp too),
 then trace it with a PITT Artist pen.
 I fill in color with Gelatos.
 Blend with a wet paint brush.
 Cut our my girls.
I color my star with Gelatos - front and back,
using  a wet paint brush to bend the colors. 
I dry with a heat gun.
 Peel the backing and adhere your image to the star.

 Take an Xacto knife to the seam so that I can add some filling and sew back up.
OK you can sew it - I stapled it and hid the staple behind the girls! (I hate sewing!) LOL!
Punch a hole on the top of the star and add a little fiber!
Now you have a wonderful little handmade ornament!

 These are so easy you could stamp if you don't do much drawing,  
Or how about an image transfer? Or tracing an old Christmas card image?
If you have kids this would be a great way to get make some memories and keepsakes!
After all it's Christmastime...time for making ornaments!
 photo 30f97b72-4f96-4dea-ae94-1e7248df6f50_zps1fa57618.jpg


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Mª Esperanza Ginés

I like very much your idea and the materials you have used. Hugs!

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