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Mixed Media Canvas


Hi Everyone!  Today I have a mixed media canvas to share with you.  Starting with an unprimed, raw 9" x 9" canvas, I sketched a face lightly with charcoal to get the placement down. 

Then I added some swirls of Gelato in Orange for her hair.

And a few more swirls in a Gelato in turquoise.

I sprayed the canvas with water and ran a brush in one direction along the hair to blend the colors lightly.  I then used a heat tool to dry it.

Next, I sketched loosely some harlequin shapes using a Stamper's Big Brush pen. I highlighted the inside of these with the Gelato in white.


I stencilled over the hair with a dimensional paste called Ferro, to add random words: innermost thoughts, beauty, free and surrender. 

I also traced over my charcoal facial features with a PITT artist pen in black and copper.
I colored in the face with the Gelato in light peach and colored in the eye and lips with the matching Gelatos that I used on the background to unify the canvas colors.

I used the Gelato in black for the pupil of the eye and the Stampers Big Brush that I used for the harlequins to color the iris.  I love the rich, dark color of this black Gelato.


Now I lightly highlighted the bridge of the nose, center of the lips and other areas of the face with the Gelato in white.

I also ran the Gelato in white over the stencilled words along the underside to highlight them.

A flower and feather embellishment, and an acrylic swirl complete the dimensional embellishment of the canvas.

Feel free to click on any of the photos for a larger view.

Sally Lynn MacDonald


SallySally Lynn MacDonald I am an independent instructor of mixed media and paper arts. My goal is to teach subjects using materials or techniques that might at first have you saying, 'Huh?' and take you to, "Aha!"

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Gorgeous! is the flower made from metal?

The flower is an embellishment from Blue Moon Beads. The petals are a satin fabric, with a white feather.

Duch a FUN Canvas!! I LOVE your FUN design and the creative use of all the dieeferent products and elements!! THANKS SO MUCH for sharing and have a Fabulous Week!! =)

The Gelatos look like so much fun! Will have to try!

Such a gorgeous creation! Love it! ^_^

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