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Let your heart sing


Hello everyone!  Nikky here.   Today I want to share this lovely project with you. I picked up this great little house (it's actually a money box but I covered the slit in the roof) along with an MDF plaque at a craft show recently for a couple of pounds (yes, bargain!) and I've been waiting to use them together with my favourite Faber products ever since!


1. Firstly, I printed a piece of paper from my Fredericka digi collection and applied a mask over the top. I then pushed some Gesso through the mask - use your fingers as you get a much better result and can really push it into all the details properly. I find with a spatula I miss some bits and I really like getting peaks and a rough finish with gesso, so it works for me, plus I find that I use less gesso too!



Put it aside and let it dry or speed up drying with a heat tool.

2. Now cover the sides of the house with papers using a good wet glue. Take a Pitt Pastel pencil in brown and run it around the sides to distress them up a little.

Soften the pastel edges with your fingers to add to the distressed look.

3. Cover the front of the house with papers too and again distress the edges in the same way. Try layering different colours of Pitt Pastels over each other to add depth and a little colour.


I added some orange and then added silver Gelato over the top, then rubbed it in with my fingers again to burnish the metallic sheen. I love doing it this way as I can leave some of the texture in place if I want to.


4. Next, take a baby wipe and swipe some Gelato over the end - you really don't need much, just enough to transfer the colour. Now use the baby wipe to add colour to the edges of some cut papers which will form the roof of the house. Using the baby wipe gives you a really smooth blend just like you would achieve with a wet ink - but so much easier and cleaner!


This is also a really cool way to add distressing to something AFTER you've already glued it in place because you're not adding a neat, undiluted colour or ink onto the paper - it's so much more forgiving! So if you distress something, glue it to a project then want to add more it's a great way to do it safely without being worried about ruining the whole thing! 

5. Take a knife or some scissors and slice a little piece of pink Gelato off and add it to some more Gesso. Mix with a knife or tool to blend the colour - I like to only half mix so that I get swirls of pink and white rather than a flat pink colour.


6. Apply a mask to the house sides and again push the Gesso/Gelato mixture through the mask either with your fingers or with a palette knife. Leave to dry. (Check out my blog for details of these fantastic masks I'm using!)



7. Now take some Gelato and apply it directly onto the house roof, then use a baby wipe to blend the colour into the MDF. I love how this blends so easily, it's like mixing cream!

8. Now layer your roof pieces over the top of each other to make the roof tiles. I used some 3D foam tape between to get a little spacing between each one.

9. Now add some Pitt Metallic pen to an acrylic block and use a waterbrush pen to pick up the colour.


Watercolour in the pattern on the paper on the front of the house - I used 3 different colours of Pitt Metallics - love these, they're so versatile! 


10. Now that the house has dried properly, take some white Gelato and rub it along the edges of the sides which you Gesso'd - this will just help to disress it all a little more without making it look dirty, I want this project to look pretty!


11. Now take the first piece of paper which you masked and glue it to the plaque. Use Gelato's again and rub over the top of the Gesso to pick out the pattern, then also add around the edge of the MDF plaque. If you layer the colours you'l find that the darker colours sit into the edges giving a cool look.

12. Now colour some cogs the same way as before, applying Gelato directly to the MDF and blending with a baby wipe. Add a darker colour around the edges.


Take a Stampers Big Brush pen and colour a stamp (if you are a stamper, you MUST get these, they are an essential in your craft arsenal!!) then stamp over the cogs (the stamp is the same one I got in the kit with the pens! beautiful!)


12. Now decorate the other parts you wish to use using the same techniques to bring it all together and co-ordinate. I coloured a heart in the same way and used the white Gelato to make dots. Then I took a piece of cream bias binding and rubbed orange Gelato over it, then blended again with baby wipe to colour the ribbon - I love that you can also use them on fabrics!



At this point I felt my project was missing something but I didn't know what...you know when you just look at it and think it needs a little final finishing touch. So I had an idea...   ; D

I sliced off some white Gelato, took my heat tool and heated it up - not for too long, I didn't want it to burn...

Then I pressed a wax seal stamp into it!...I was a little nervous as I didn't know if it would work but from day one of discovering Gelato's they have reminded me of wax so it was worth a try...

And it worked!! A gorgeous embossed seal! HOW COOL!!...


I think I may get a little addicted!!!  So I added my final touch to the project, rubbed a little gold Gelato over the seal and it just finished it off perfectly!...then I rubbed some more gold over the background too - look at the lovely sheen, remember to buff it up!





You can see some more of the products I used and pics on my blog - see you next time! x

NikkyI'm Nikky Hall and I have been crafting all my life. I love using all kinds of different products in my crafting but my favourite is mixing different mediums and finding new techniques and effects - usually by accident! You will find me hanging around all the pens and pencils in any craft store!

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This is a great project to put on my must do for summer list!

So cute! Thanks for sharing all the techniques.

Love it!

So many wonderful details, i love it!

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