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My portion of the "Hope for Change" Charity Wings canvas






























As a resident of Sandy Hook, Connecticut, I was very touched to have been selected as one of the featured artists to participate in the Charity Wings fundraising for the Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial. I am one of several artists creating this 8" × 10" canvas. Throughout January and February, this canvas will make its way across the country as each artist adds to it.

The canvas has been added to by the following artists at this point:

  • Pam Carriker
  • Jodi Ohl
  • Flor Larios
  • Seth Apter

As you can see in its progress just part-way through the artists, the end product will be an amazing piece of art and an 8×10 print for you! 

For my part, I decided to add to the angel's garment with words from the Sandy Hook Promise.  The Sandy Hook Promise is a non-profit organization for which my brother, Tom Bittman, is one of the founders.




I used a PITT Artist Pen in Blue Metallic to write the words onto the canvas.  Then I boxed in each word with a PITT Artist Pen in Silver.

 I also drew around the boxes with a Paper Crafter Crayon in Blue.  I then took two Gelatos, in Blue Metallic and Silver and scribbled them randomly in the open space of the garment.

And then I activated the gelatos with a brush and water to gently swirl the colors through the open space.   Once this had dried, I felt that the canvas looked a bit sad.  I decided to add some hopeful color to it so I drew a heart using several pink and red tones of Gelatos and painted it with the brush to fill in.  The final step was to add shadows to the lettering and the heart with my favorite PITT Artist Pen in Warm Grey III.

Future additions to this canvas will be made by:

  • Jennifer Priest
  • Suzi Blu

PLEASE join me in supporting this fundraising effort.  You can purchase your print here.


Sally Lynn MacDonald

I am an independent instructor of mixed media and paper arts. My goal is to teach subjects using materials or techniques that might at first have you saying, 'Huh?' and take you to, "Aha!"Postsignature

Sally Sally Lynn MacDonald I am an independent instructor of mixed media and paper arts. My goal is to teach subjects using materials or techniques that might at first have you saying, 'Huh?' and take you to, "Aha!"

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Absolutely beautiful.

I love it. It's just beautiful.

I absolutely love your additions and feel so honored to have been a part of this project.

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